The Kitchen Table Project – What does your kitchen table say about you?

Recently I've become fascinated by our kitchen table. It's an ever-changing world of cups, plates, leaflets, technology and general "stuff" but it also has a story to tell. Every day there's something new and interesting spread across it. And it doesn't just change day by day but hour by hour, even moment to moment, depending [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

This photo was taken in Bury St Edmund's a couple of weeks ago. The East Anglia market town is a hive of activity on a Saturday when the market is bustling away but at the other end of the town it's pretty quiet. This hotel is extraordinary with flowers still in bloom like the middle [...]

Photo Friday!

Hey there dear blog reader! It's Friday so I'm a happy smilin' dude today! I'll be posting a new instalment of Arcane Insane later this evening but in the meantime I thought I'd share a few photo's with you! For some strange reason our tomato growing efforts always seem to produce the tastiest harvest but [...]