Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

Mountain DewIt was 28 degrees in Cambridge today and Tesco were all out of water, Coke, Pepsi and fruit juice! Gotta love folks who avoid Mountain Dew like the plague! Damn that bottle was ice cold (for about 1 minute!) and hit the spot perfectly!


As requested by Pascale – Mountain Dew on location at The Rockies!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

  1. Is it wrong to click the Like button on your own post? I had to click it because that bottle was soooo good! I don’t drink energy drinks as a rule as they’re too sugary but today, with the heat, I made an exception.

  2. It must be a UK thing because here in the US Mountain Dew is usually one of the first sold out! Personally, not a soda drinker at all, water is the only way to go. However, if there is no water available, Mountain Dew would be the next choice to quench that thirst.

    Fantastic photo. The perspective is great, at first I thought it was a giant balloon of sorts, like for advertisement, until I realized it is sitting on your car 🙂

    1. Ice cold water hits the spot on a hot day like today. I don’t know why Mountain Dew seems to have a strange rep here, I love it as a guilty treat, I’m sure it’s packed full of sugar. After I took that I wanted to find a riverside pub and take a few snaps of a cool glass of beer, the type of photo that can make you drool with the water droplets on the side! Alas, I had to do taxi duty so I never had time!

  3. Beautiful shot….would have looked more amazing with the rockies in the background. What’s this “adreline fuelled £250 every hour”? Thought of it makes my head dizzy for some reason.

    1. As requested, one shot of the Rockies! (See additional image Above!) I think the £250 thingy is some competition designed to let you waste your money on text messages.

  4. GREAT photo. I do not drink sodas. Water is the ultimate thirst quencher in my book. The bottom photo however, truly captures the essence of this photo challenge. Great shot. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sheetal! Not quite as refreshing as a hose pipe of cool water in the face though! It’s so humid here I’ve just stood in the garden and drenched myself! On that day at Tesco there were no hose pipes around so Mountain Dew was truly refreshing!

  5. A perfect magazine shot of Mountain dew!! I get many photo ideas from seeing what other people do – things that I might not have thought of before 🙂

    All out of water? Oh no! I love water. I’m not one for fizzy drinks. Water and genuine fruit juice do it for me. Lucky for me – when I visited the US – people had sufficient water, because fruit juice was near impossible to come by – except for orange juice, which is too acidic for me. Thank goodness that boring water works so well for me 😉

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