Request for a Woman’s Perspective.

Why do young lads and men shave their body hair?

In a long running debate about guys shaving off their body hair I would like get a female perspective about this. So before I go into my own personal thoughts I’d like you to take a look at these two photos and let me know which one is more appealing for whatever reason.

Picture 1 – The Shaven Boy

Picture 2 – The All Natural Man

I’ve looked online for an answer to this question and the results are a bit strange. It seems shaving body hair is mainly due to media hype pushing social convention. Just look at how the “perfect” woman is portrayed, slim waist, big sensual eyes, large breast, flawless skin and so on. So if you look at he “perfect” man is it right to assume the media is selling us an image of the muscular, strong, macho, hairless guy because that’s what women want? Or is it just to sell more Calvin Klein boxer shorts, cologne and copies of Men’s Health, Muscle Mania Magazine or some variation of homo-erotica, you know, top shelf stuff?

Teenagers & The Muscle Parade!

I understand the desire to maintain a decent level of hygiene but does that really mean guys who shave their arm pits don’t stink as much as the more hirsute guy? I know I don’t stink. I’ve noticed a collection of teenage lads at the gym who do nothing but hang around the free weights, admiring their pea sized muscles, admiring their mates muscles and making a lot of macho grunting noises.

They don’t care about the cardio machines at all! They are there to pump some iron and because they don’t have expensive flashy penis extensions in the car park they need to work those muscles to feel better about themselves.

It’s all about wearing a skinny vest and working those biceps because chicks dig a pale skinny guy with well-defined biceps and weak stringy legs, right?

The Hairy Study.

A study was conducted at Leipzig University, Germany, into why people shaved their body hair off. Professor Elmar Braehler, who conducted the study, said it was because of a cultural trend. He asked a bunch of students why they shaved their body hair and found it was because they wanted to look attractive and meet the norms of society. I call that the sheep mentality where people aren’t brave enough to be themselves.

The research also showed that among women the desire to shave hair from their lady parts was due to a desire to look pre-pubescent and show sexual immaturity. Gross!! Apparently this in turn reinforced a man’s feeling of superiority. WTF!


Um, okay, I kind of understand the warped gross logic behind that but what does that have to do with lads shaving their armpits? And why do some of them shave their butts too? Don’t they realise that at some point they will end up with naturally hairy legs but appear to have a gorilla glued to their backsides? The same with the chest area, unless the lad/boy/man in question is prepared to make a long life commitment to shaving their body hair off every day, they will eventually end up looking like a yeti – won’t they?

The Shaven Forum.

This train of thought led me to the hilarious popular Yahoo! Answers Forum. It seems not everyone likes the shaven man. Take a look at the question asked:

Why do some boys shave their body hair off?

I’ve seen some boys at my school with hairless arms and legs. it’s so nasty looking. men are to have hair, that’s what makes them manly and masculine! ugh! why do boys want to look like girls now?!

And now for some of the interesting answers:

And here’s my favourite answer!

Apart from the media and cultural thingy I just don’t get it. So lads are shaving their body hair to appear more attractive to the ladies? Seriously? Do women actually desire a smooth man? Is a man with shaven arms, arm pits, legs, junk, chest, butt etc a turn on? If you’re in the company of a guy who has obviously shaven various parts of his body, do you think:

“Nice, he takes care of himself, maybe he’s the sensitive, caring sort and just the kind of man I’m looking for to fulfil my desires/life/future family plans/one night stand/steamy weekend or financial security.”

Or do you think:

“Jeepers! That guy has spent so much time grooming himself he hasn’t stopped to think women are more interested in personality/sense of humour/good smile/conversation etc, and also doesn’t realise he might be attracting more than just women?”

Are men just doing this because other men do? Is this a macho self-serving, self involved thingy? Is this really just media driven sheep mentality in other words? More importantly is this simply a sign of immaturity? It’s worth mentioning that I don’t feel any kind of envy for those who shave, I’m happy with my skin!! I’m just trying to understand the why, why, why!!!!

So, after my little rant about something very small and laughable I’d like to know where people stand on the shaving body hair issue, especially what women prefer. I’m sure there is obviously an age thingy going on here, and those teeny boppers like shaved bodies because that’s what MTV and their magazines tell them to like. I’m interested in real women, those who aren’t mind controlled by the media.

What are your thoughts? I’d really like to know.

47 thoughts on “Request for a Woman’s Perspective.

  1. I think it’s a peer pressure thing for sure. I’m too old to speak for young women, but honestly, isn’t there something else men could spend time on??

  2. Noobcake, what a subject for a blog!!! LOL!!! Funny thing is I have done educational stuff re: this very subject (hair or hairless, muscular or natural, women’s image and men’s image, etc.) when I was working for a non-profit and going into Juvenile Detention Centers, Work Release (men and women), schools, etc. It is sad that we are so grossly influenced by a marketing industry whose sole purpose is to convince us that we are so needy that we must strive to have whatever product/image/possession that is being advertised. I found this to be a supremely pertinent subject matter for a blog. My vote for women and men is natural. . .groomed but always natural.

    1. Yay! I was so hoping someone would go for the natural yet groomed option! Whilst putting this together I was trying to look for a TV advert for Marks & Spencer around 2001. Sadly I couldn’t find it anywhere.

      The basic premise was a woman running up a hillside taking off her clothes and throwing them into the air, by the time she reached the top she was totally naked. Being a prime time TV advert there was some blurryness and so on to obscure the delicate bits! When she reached the top she flung out her arms and shouted: “I’m normal!”

      Of course by that time the viewer will have noticed the woman was not a size 10 or even close but a beautiful buxom size 16! This being the average UK size apparently.

      Had I have found that advert it would have been quite apt to highlight that society shouldn’t be so obsessed with what the media tells us is acceptable. Keep things natural, that’s what I say, groomed but natural!

  3. I prefer moderate hair on a man but trimmed. No bushy beard, no dried antiperspirant in the armpit hair, hairy backs do gross me out as well as a hair butt. My theory, trim it and keep it clean. hehe Great topic!

  4. Ok…I am back…I prefer a man that is well groomed absolutely. I love a hairy chest…love….I don’t mind a goatee as long as it is nice and short…I also don’t mind a little bit of a hairy back or butt…I think men are just sexy being men…as long as you are groomed and clean….and maybe smell good, the rest is all good au natural baby!!!

  5. Nope, can’t say the fully waxed male is appealing. I’m not disgusted by it, no, but not a preference. Hairy back or butt, no, sorry, that’s gotta be shaved then, yuck! I don’t like hugging a hairy gorilla but groomed and clean, not a problem. Love this post. I might have to write a counter-point about why women are expected to be shaved like nubile prepubescent girls! Legs, armpits, nether regions.. why, oh why must a woman be so completely hairless!

    Oh, and if I see an overly buff, overly shaved, overly product using man (metrosexual was the term used for a while) I think, “oh no, too high maintenance! I don’t want to fight for bathroom time with a nutter like that!”

    1. He he! Obviously there will always be trends in the personal grooming department but I’m not a fan of the hairless bodies that pop up in modern media. A counter-point post would be a cool idea, from a guys point of view I don’t find the all natural hairy hippy ascetically pleasing, guys with long straggly beards look trapped in the 60’s and ladies with a forest growing out of the arm pits scream “I’m a feminists and will not conform to society, so watch me burn my bra!”

      I guess to be taken seriously there must be a certain level of conformity, sad though it may be.

  6. Hi noobcake,

    I fell on your blog by chance as I was looking for pics of the amazing horse statues in Newmarket… and so happy it led me to your blog! πŸ™‚

    I have only just read snippets, but I see there won’t be many sad and lonely nights for me when I move back to Thetford from Canada in a couple of weeks!!

    I haven’t read your post in details yet (sorry I have a million and one thing to do to prepare my return home) but it spoke to me so I thought I’d give you my 2 cents worth, and being a french girl, I reckon i know a thing or two about hairy peeps πŸ˜‰

    The first pic of the totally smooth man really turns me off, I don’t want a man who has less hair than me πŸ˜‰ and to be fair, it looks a bit gay to me, not that it’s a problem, but then advertising using such bodies shouldn’t be directed at women. I saw an advert for a perfume on the plane on the way here that made me burst out laughing, it was soooo ridiculous! I can’t find it online, but will take a pic on the way back, it just has to be shared!

    The second one is better, except for the beard thing going on, I don’t want my man to look like an animal. In fact, I hate hair backs, that can be a decisive factor as to whether I’d date someone. I know it can always be shaved, but I ain’t shaving a potential man’s bad, I have enough shaving to do myself!

    I hate my hairy legs, hairy armpits, hairy everything, I wish women were made without hair
    (apart from on the head), much nicer to the touch for the gentlemen (I’m sure) and less hassle for women, who spend a fortune and time getting smooth. Why do women have hair anyway? Come to think of it, why do we all have hair (apart from on the head as it looks sexy)??

    I hate shaved heads or men with long hair, I like greying hair though, I find that very sexy – think George Cloney..hmmm

    I’m quite partial to the 3 day beard though…don’t know why. Maybe because my mum hates it πŸ˜‰

    Think that’s it I have time on the subject – any good?

    1. Ahh Thetford, lovely place to visit, excellent forest, beautiful scenery, good times! I’m a fan of the 3 day beard myself, mainly because I’m quite lazy when it comes to shaving, but also because I don’t think any guy really loves shaving his face!

      I had to laugh when I saw the advert on page 16. And that’s aimed at men so they can be appealing to women? Are they sure? I think someone in their advertising department needs to do better research!

      Maybe at some point in the future we can take a pill to stop hair from growing full stop. Pill 1 for total growth stoppage. Pill 2 targets hair below the neck. I’d buy that the second one, though I’m happy with my chest hair, quite attached to it you might say.

      Thanks for stopping by Pascale! If you have time I recommend taking a look around Newmarket, the artists horses are all finished now and dotted all around town. They look fantastic. I might go and take some snaps tomorrow.

      1. I saw some of the horses already and I thought they were incredible – please do take some pics to post! It is definitely on my list of things to do when I move back home (the list is growing so much I don’t know when I am going to have time to look for work! ;-))

  7. Oh sorry, I have just realized I completely missed the question!!! lol ah well, the answer is there somewhere in my reply, I won’t delete it all because I took time to type it, it’d be a waste!

    And the answer is: because they are confused about their sexuality.

    1. Oh, no, no, no, that is NOT aimed at women, sorry. That is definitely aimed at gay men. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but it is definitely not aimed at women. LOL

      1. So maybe we could say we have a final answer: shaved body: gay (or confused), hairy body: gay or heterosexual – how’s that? So in other words, Gays have more choice, lucky things!

  8. Female POV on both issues: I don’t shave (I’m lucky to have very few body hair, and I don’t wear tank tops because I don’t shave my armpits – and I don’t go to the seaside for that very same reason, but mostly because I hate it). But I like hairless torsoes (the rest, I don’t care! ;-)) and there are some races (like Asians) that are less hairy than others. My dad isn’t very hairy (and he’s Italian), so that’s probably where I got this taste for hairless (long-haired, clean-shaven, though that’s NOT my dad!) men… But completely shaven… Even Hrithik Roshan looks weird with no hair under his arms (and he’s gorgeous)! 😦
    So for me no facial and torso hair, the rest is fine! πŸ™‚

    1. Sweet, a different perspective! I was wondering if this hairless culture was based on where you happen to live in the world and what your social group is like. I imagine that when the human race is extinct and dogs have inherited the earth, there won’t be any need to worry about hairyness!

  9. Surfed on over here from Redneck Princess’s blog and I have to say ~ what an intriguing first post for me to read! From my female perspective, I would have to say that ~on average~ I would pick guys like #2. (But #2 is, after all, Hugh Jackman and who wouldn’t pick him?????) BUT BUT BUT, I also have to say that if a guy is REALLY muscular, I actually prefer him to be shaved because I think it shows off his hard-earned body even more.

    So there you have it, a flip-flop female perspective that doesn’t help in the least.

    1. Thanks Betty and welcome to my blog! I wondered when someone would comment in favour of Hugh Jackman! It was surprisingly hard to find a decent photo of a guy with a hairy chest who looked natural-ish!

      You helped as it seems more people are going for #2 which is what I was hoping to hear!

  10. Found your site through Redneck Princess and Holy BoJangles, you are great. Now my opinion on the hairless dude thing? Wrong. Always. Very. Very Wrong. About as appealing as one of those bony, fur-less cats 😦

    1. Hi Tori, and thanks for visiting! Loved your comment, I take that as a big NO for #1 then! And those cats are wrong too! Nature was not kind when it came up with that idea.

  11. Came here from Redneck Princess! Weighing in on your question. I’m not into the hairless man. It does come from the media. I work in theater, but even here (and I’m speaking of actors), very few straight guys wax themselves (or get waxed, or whatever). It’s much more prevalent with the gay guys, and within that group, the younger gay guys. I say to each his own. I’m not likely to ever be attracted to a man who spends more time in front of the mirror than I do (i.e., he can’t be prettier than me!).

    1. Hey Accidnetalstepmom! Thanks for commenting. I admit that if I was a woman I wouldn’t like the idea of my chap spending more time grooming himself than me. Since I’ve been going to the gym a lot recently I’ve noticed the smooth body thing is very much a young lads thing, especially where they hang around the free weights. Endless amusement for me whilst I pant away on the cardio machines!

  12. Hmm…..Hugh Jackman…..You can’t go wrong with that. LOL.

    Seriously though. As long as you’re clean and don’t smell, I don’t really care whether you’re bald or hairy. There is also something really sensual about a nice treasure trail too.

    I am actually secretly infatuated with my cat’s chest hair. I love to braid it. My cat hates it but I do it anyway.

  13. Popped over form The Redneck princess…

    There’s just something a bit off with a guy that shaves everything…one wonders…is he sick, is he gay, is he conceited, is he too young to have hair and therefore too young for me!? lol I’m all for natural but groomed…no need to even shave a beard every day as long as you don’t end up a mountain man with food in your goatee!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for popping over! I was going to admit this in my post but I’m happy to do it here now I’ve seen some of the comments, I once shaved my chest hair off in my mid 20’s. This was purely out of curiosity not vanity! But I’ll never do it again! It itched like crazy and drove me mad. I don’t know how guys can routinely do this and not hate themselves for being so vain!

      1. Yes, well, imagine being a woman and *having* to do it to yourself routinely (well the legs and armpits, eyebrows and sometimes moustache anyway) just to please you guys. Some choice we have!!

        1. Ah but is that a choice or just cause and effect based on the social constraints placed upon us whether we like or not, whether we are aware of it or not?

            1. Not exactly, not yeti style anyway! Although I have to say I find a women with zero hair on their arms a bit weird, there should be some at least, even if it is very fine. And the tiny almost invisible trail just above a lady’s bottom is quite nice!

  14. Thought I’d stop by since you’re Redneck Princess’s BOTW. Read a couple posts and your bio, and must say I like the way you think. Had to comment on this one especially. Men who shave limbs, back, etc…Ewwww! Ummm…I just wanna say “God made you different for a reason, Clown!” Personally I don’t think there’s anything sexier than a man with a lot of hair. I mean EVERYWHERE! This crap these guys with bare skin spew about ‘grass don’t grow on a playground’… they’re right…it doesn’t, and I don’t play on playgrounds anymore either. I’m all grown-up and prefer to roll around in the park now. πŸ™‚

    1. Excellent! How true that is! All us “grown ups” don’t play on playgrounds, we leave that to the little boys and girls. I do love a fresh insight into this weird topic! Thanks for stopping by, you have given me the first smile of the day!

  15. I have to agree with – what seems to be – all of your audience so far, Noobcake: natural and clean is sexy. Just take care of yourself. You were made that way for a reason. That however doesn’t give you license to stink, so please take care πŸ˜‰

    I’m wondering two things: (1) Don’t you think the hair you’re shaving off is there to serve a purpose? Do you even know what it is, or are you too busy being a sh-e-e-e-e-p? (2) What kind of work goes into maintaining the whole ‘smooth look’? Does it mean that you have no time left for anything else much, let alone the lady who is supposed to be ooh-ing and aah-ing over a smooth body?

    No, make that THREE things: (3) What you must feel like if, for a day or two, you didn’t have the time to do the maintenance? Also, the thing with waxing is that the hair has to be a certain length for waxing to be affective. What do you do in the meantime? And if you’re shaving – I’ve heard from many woman that your leg hair become tougher/harder the longer you shave. It doesn’t become softer and slower to grow as some say about regular and continuous waxing. What then? If you feel like a grater does that make me Cheddar?

    1. Haha! Excellent point. If I was a shaver/waxer (not that I am – face being the exception) I’d hate to be laying next to a lady and have her moan at me for not shaving bit of my body because the stubble on my bottom is chaffing her!

      I don’t think I have the energy or consistency to maintain a perfectly smooth body forever. Honestly, for all those women who do routinely shave their legs, I don’t know how you keep it up. You have my admiration!

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