Photo Montage #3

Last Saturday I went on a research trip for my novel. I’d been looking on Google Earth for locations to base the story around, some will be changed but others will remain the same, villages, towns etc. After touring around north Norfolk for a while I finally navigated a bumpy rocky beach side road until I arrived at my destination.

I didn’t expect much based on what I had seen of the location on Google Earth but I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful area of coastline unspoilt by trashy tourist shops, burger vans and arcades. I took a lot of photos for reference and I’d like to share some with you good people! Click away to see them better.

Sand dunes & sunshine!


Some places on the Norfolk coast can be a bit drab and windswept, cold and dreary but this stretch of beach was amazing. Even though there were heavy clouds in the sky I was lucky to have a window of sunshine. The breeze was really warm too.

Warm sand & warm breeze!


Behind me there was a jungle of pine trees and a path that led over a hill. On the other side of that the wind was that horrible biting stuff that whips through your clothes. However, once through the trees the breeze was warm, almost Mediterranean. This was early afternoon and I could only see 3 other people on the beach, it was so quiet and peaceful. I wanted to pitch a tent right there on the dunes and watch the tide come in.

Ye Olde Light House!

Hunstanton Light House

I’ve driven by this place plenty of times but never stopped to take a look around. I wish I had taken a photo of the sign on the gate because it said something about this light house being the worlds first parabolic light house. If you’re a light house enthusiast that might mean something to you!

I walked around this twice, taking plenty of photos. The weird thing about the light house is that isn’t actually a light house but a holiday home you can rent out for the summer! How cool is that!

Strange clouds!

Sunset clouds

I took this photo on the way home, sadly my Nokia N8 let me down a bit here because even though the camera is pretty darned good it didn’t capture this very well. The sky was really magnificent! The thick rolling clouds were moving fast enough for me to actually watch them choking in on themselves. And on the right was an amazing sunset that seemed to be trying to chase away the darkness.

I stood there and watched it until the clouds had blurred into the same shapeless mas you can see in the middle. It was like someone had reached up and smoothed it all together.

23 thoughts on “Photo Montage #3

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love lighthouses, however some of them I’m afraid to climb to the top. I hate those staircases where you can see through the steps! Argh!! What were the temps like that day? Looks beautiful!

    1. Erm, not entirely sure, it was around 20˚C, so I’d say about 70 or just under. Pleasant enough to stroll around in a t-shirt except for that one place where the wind was pretty icy cold for reasons I can’t work out.

  2. what an awesome day you had. There is nothing like being at the beach especially when there are few other people around. Lovely pics. I’m sure all this will inspire you.
    walk in beauty.

    1. Sometimes I love going to a busy beach and people watching but when you find a pristine beach like that it’s really nice to enjoy the silence too!

    1. Oh the signs you mean? There were lots of those little signs stuck the ground there. They told people about local wildlife and history of the beach and about the sea tides and what creatures you can find like crabs and stuff.

      1. “Nogal” is an Afrikaans term. The direct English translation is “rather”, but to explain the context a little better: I’m basically saying you took pretty cool pictures with a cell phone of all things – not even an expensive camera – and they were STILL great! Well done 😉 Make sense?

        1. Ah yes, I get you now. Thanks for the reply, makes more sense now! I did search around for what it meant but I couldn’t really find an explanation. Well for a little camera phone is surely has its moments!

  3. Your pictures are great. I could feel the wind in my hair and then could feel the warmth of the sun, too. The lighthouse reminded me of one of my favorite books, Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund. I could see the characters from the book right there.
    Thanks, Noob! What a pleasant way to spend my evening!

  4. I love that coastline and have spent many a happy hour doing exactly what you did. Our skies are so big in Norfolk, I watched the storm arriving in Norwich yesterday afternoon for hours before it finally rained here, then I got totally absorbed watching the lightening, wonderful stuff!

    1. It’s strange how the skies where I used to live, West Midlands way, were always obscured by industry but here they’re just so big and wide. I only need to step out of Cambridge and head for Norfolk to see some magnificent views, and the coastal views are stunning. Blue skies are great but you can’t beat an army of clouds stretching off into the distance to get that impression of vastness!

  5. I love these photos – we must go there and take the Elliott crew! not forgetting to stop by for a cheeky ‘best in the world’ donut along the way. loving your work x

    1. Hey Peachyleigh! Welcome to Noobcake! For all you good people, Peachyleigh is my sister! She finally got around to commenting on my blog! Yay! Ooh yes, that doughnut place is particularly good! Melt in the mouth tastiness!

  6. Oooh how I long to run bare feet on the beach at Wells-Next-The-Sea, throwing a ball at my dog, watching hiim run like a Tasmanian devil, greeting other dogs on this path, swim in the sea with him, eat the best smoked chilli prawns I have ever tasted from Cley Smoke House and delicious seafood platter from Cookie Crab Shop in Holt….Ohh how I have missed Norfolk. I had hoped to see all these places during this visit, but I didn’t get the opportunity (without transport it’s a bit harder) but I know coming home is the best decision I have taken in a long long time…I don’t even need anyone to take me anymore, I am a big girl now, and I can take myself and my dog wherever the road takes us 🙂 Thanks for the photos, they made me sad, but in a good way 🙂

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