Summertime is here at last!

The sun has come out! It's nice and warm! The clouds, rain and greyness has gone away!! For once there are nice crisp shadows not made by the moon! Okay, I had to get that out of my system. Today has been a cracker, dear blog reader. Lovely warm sun, soft breeze, happy people, the [...]

It’s a dogs life!

I'm in a photo mood this week so here are a few more snaps for you fine folks to enjoy. These are of our dog, Ben or Benji, Benjamina, Ben10, BenBen and so on! I've been playing with black and white photos recently, removing the colour to concentrate on the actual image being captured. I'd [...]

First Summer Sunset

I have a thing for sunsets and I find my Nokia N8 captures them pretty well. I love the beautiful blend colours that smother the sky in the evening. Here in the East of England the land is flat and the skies huge. Instead of taking landscape photos, I call them cloudscapes. I took this [...]