Summertime is here at last!

The sun has come out!

It’s nice and warm!

The clouds, rain and greyness has gone away!!

For once there are nice crisp shadows not made by the moon!

Okay, I had to get that out of my system. Today has been a cracker, dear blog reader. Lovely warm sun, soft breeze, happy people, the sound of the ice-cream van in the distance, people mowing their lawns. It’s awesome. The UK has been wrapped in a blanket of drizzle, grey skies and blergh for weeks now. When the TV weather man said we’d get some nice chunky sunshine I had my doubts, but it’s here! Woop!

I’ve just come back from a lovely trip to the supermarket, windows down, radio on, lush green fields all around. I saw lots of other drivers singing along in their cars so I didn’t feel silly for filling my lungs and letting rip to the happy sunny songs! Today I have many joy-joy feelings all thanks to those rays of golden sunshine beaming down on me.

Gotta love sunshine!

Funny how something so simple as a change in the weather can lift your mood isn’t it? Usually my day off feels wasted, I’m sluggish to get going and would rather be at work doing something productive than at home trying to think of something to do. Years ago I’d relish my day off. Not today. Because of the weather I’ve been busy cleaning, throwing away old junk, rounding up cobwebs I didn’t even know had been growing behind my PC and scraping debris out of my car

Anything is possible when the sun has got his hat on!

Like so many British people I tend to complain about the weather. A lot. I love snow, rain, wind – all that stuff. But when old mother nature gets in a rut and replays the same stuff over and over it becomes quite dull. People get tetchy and lately I’ve noticed the mood of people around me has matched the grey murky cloudscape that has hung around the UK like a bad smell.

In the village this morning three people said “Good morning” to me. How marvellous is that! I’m certain had the skies been angry and dark such greeting wouldn’t have occurred to anyone. Woop!

Sunshine – happy pills falling from the sky!

I’ve hardly given my blog a seconds thought in the last week or so as I’ve been editing my novel. But I had to share my happiness about the lovely weather. If there wasn’t a hose pipe ban in our neck of the woods I’d be in the back garden right now splashing the dogs, spraying water over my head and laughing like a kid!

I’m off to take some sunset shots in a bit. Reckon the skies are going to be alight with summery sunset magic this evening. For now I’ll leave you with a lovely photo of our ninja – Tilly, enjoying the sun and wrapping herself in a curtain for some reason…weird.

Happy sun day folks!

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