It’s a dogs life!

I’m in a photo mood this week so here are a few more snaps for you fine folks to enjoy. These are of our dog, Ben or Benji, Benjamina, Ben10, BenBen and so on! I’ve been playing with black and white photos recently, removing the colour to concentrate on the actual image being captured. I’d love to save up some cash and buy a proper camera but for now my trusted Nokia N8 will suffice.

Here we have “Dog Waiting For Ball.” The earnest expression is very cute, I’m sure you’ll agree! Ben has a serious tennis ball addiction.

Dogs don’t smile very often so it’s always a treat when Ben gives me an eager grin. I’m guessing if he could talk he would say: “Yeah! Yeah! Gimme! Throw the ball! Throw the ball! Awww c’monnnn, throw it!”

Only after looking at this shot on my PC did I notice the blur in the background. Our other dog, Tilly The Ninja, TillyWilly, TillyFace…or just Ninja, isn’t all that interested in tennis balls. She’s more the run, chase shadows and reflections and thrust herself upon you for cuddles.

And finally, after chasing his beloved tennis ball, Ben loses it under the sofa. It’s never immediately obvious that he needs help retrieving it as he tends to attempt the rescue himself. Then it seems to dawn on him that the things on the end of his legs aren’t hands and therefore no good at grasping. Cue the little whine and huff as he looks from me to the gap under sofa and back again.

Gotta love doggies!

9 thoughts on “It’s a dogs life!

  1. Dude! What do you mean dogs don’t smile often? Titan is doing it all the time! haha Love the pics of Ben. He’s totally adorable!

    1. Actually, I guess I should have said ours don’t look like they’re smiling much, except when they get their lips stuck between their teeth – that’s hilarious! I know Titan smiles, he’s got an awesome unique smile!!

  2. Lovely post, great character in that there dog! My dog’s a bit boring now he’s older – tends to eat, walk, sleep, snore and fart! Love him more than ever though!

  3. I’ve just nominated you for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’, as I’m a great fan of your writing and photography 🙂 See my latest blog post for more details.

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