Out in the White!

Hey there dear blog reader! Here in the UK we had a smidgen of snow over the weekend, I say a smidgen because compared to the rest of Europe, who’ve been bombarded with the white stuff, we’ve had it lucky! Here in snowy Cambridge we had around 6 inches, not much really, and certainly not enough to complain about! On my way to work this morning I counted at least 20 snowmen dressed in their finest winter clothing.

I was compelled to pull over at one point and take a few photos of the mist rising over the snow drenched fields. Although I took them in haste I think they look pretty good. Click the snaps to make them all big and impressive!

The majority of the roads were clear of snow by Monday morning with the exception of a few isolated villages I drive through. Looks kinda lonely doesn’t it?

This one didn’t come out quite as well as it looked on my phone, you can’t see the mist moving which is a shame. It looked very eerie but quite peaceful.

This is my favourite one. The two trees are quite stark and isolated amidst the snow, almost as if they’ve huddled together for a bit of company.

And finally this one turned out quite well. Every day I drive past this thing, a factory or something, and I never took any notice of it. Until today when I couldn’t quite see it because of the mist swelling across the fields.

I’m still impressed with the quality of images my Nokia N8 can take. There are newer, faster, more interconnected Facebooky mobile phones on the market these days but I still think mine has an awesome camera feature.

18 thoughts on “Out in the White!

  1. Thanks for the pics, Dave. They are beautiful. I’m so jealous. We haven’t had any snow this year, other than a mere dusting. I’m still wishing for an abundance before our winter is up. 🙂

  2. I am jealous as well! Outside of a freak snowstorm in October, we’ve been devoid of the white stuff, not to mention the unusually warm weather — I miss winter!

    These are all great but I’m not sure I believe you about a factory back there in the third photo 😉 Looks more like some castle tucked away behind the mist. The third photo, the two trees, I think I am snatching for SPP! I’m sure you won’t mind, will you?

  3. love the two trees huddled together. I’m guessing that your ground is (was) warm, as opposed to frozen like ours in the great white north, which is why you got the mist rising. There is beauty there, for sure.
    stay warm.

    1. I’d say it’s warmer today by a few degrees, much better than the last couple of weeks where we’ve had -10 degrees here and lower up north, although November, December was very mild. Sadly though the snow will all be gone in a couple of days as is the way here in the UK mostly. After the pristine beauty it all turns to dark black mushyness and then it all feels ruined.

  4. These are some nice pictures 🙂 Pictures with mist certainly adds to the effect of loneliness and mystery. Have to say, it doesn’t look like a kind of day on which I would have been wanting to drive to work of all places 😉

  5. The pavements are so slippery today, here at the ‘sunshine coast’, that I had to abandon walking my dog after a few yards. I couldn’d even cross the road. Needless to say, the County Council’s telephone seems to off the hook. Meanwhile, I’ve complained to my friend in the local council…

    What I’m saying, it looks beautiful up here near the South Downs, looking ouf of the window over the rooftops to the sea, but I’d really like some fresh air.

    When it first snowed, the skeletal whitened strees on a wooded slope looked as if they’d been etched on to a slate backcloth rather than standing separate from the sky. If someone had painted a picture of it, people would not believe the artist had done a trueful reproduction.

    1. I’m always stunned when I see frozen branches and icicles as it sometimes really does look like a frost artist has been out and about in the night, a bit like a hybrid of Jack Frost and Banksy!

  6. Brrr. I’ve stumbled here via a virtual reality post you made… In email from a friend near Colchester: -12 last night there.
    Yesterday was so warm I couldn’t paint the verandah because the paint was drying too quickly! Sorry!

  7. Nokia makes the best phones, I don’t care what anyone else says. I’m a loyal E71 owner, but strangely, my only (slight) complaint is the not so good camera. Your N8 takes way better pics.

    1. Oh without a doubt! Going back to the old 3310 that was pretty much indestructible. I heard a funny thing the other day, if you drop an iPhone on the floor the screen cracks, drop a Nokia on the floor and the floor cracks.

      I’m not much into endless apps, I have a few but…well, meh, so I got my N8 for the camera features mainly. Can’t fault it.

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