Indigo Spider & The Wednesday Writers Group!

Have you ever wanted to join a writers group?

I’m guessing plenty of you have been intrigued to find out what happens at a writers group, club, gang, circle… Gang sounds a bit drastic but I guess it could work –  ruthless writers working together in a dark shadowy underworld to bring their words of power to the masses, overcoming incredible odds with the dream of one day being a published author!

Whilst that sounds pretty cool I’ll dial it down from the Marvel comic universe to something more realistic. Not all budding authors can find a writers group nearby, or have the time to spare these days, and that’s a true shame because there’s a lot to be gained from joining one. I speak from experience. But the humble PC allows you sit, relax, sup a tasty beverage and hook up with fellow writers in the comfort of your own home via the wonder of The Internet!

Look no further, dear blog reader, because the new Wednesday Writers Group is up and running at Indigo Spider. The website has had a face lift and there are fresh new forums in place ready for your eager reading with plenty of room for you to bring your tips and advice on all things writing.

Dave, slow down dude, what’s this Wednesday Writers Group all about?

I’m glad you asked! Check out the blurb from the initial WWG post at

As I mentioned last week in the post introducing the idea, I have searched for a writers/critique group for a couple of years and since I was not successful finding one, I thought I would create one.  There is a nice sized group signed up already which says I’m not the only one seeking feedback, support, and a community of some kind in relation to writing.

Now, having never hosted a writers group before, this is all new, but here is a general list of goals for the group:

  • Providing a place to share work(s) for critique
  • Provide weekly writing exercises
  • Provide forums to discuss writing and the writing life
  • Provide information on publication opportunities (e.g. contests, publications open to new writers)

Obviously, the overall goal is to, hopefully, grow as a writer and improve your writing (based on personal goals).  You do not have to be a member to participate in the weekly writing exercises but the rest will be listed in the forums that are open to all members.  Let me know, either in comments or in the forums (look for Suggestion Box in the Wednesday Writers Group) what you want from the group.  Usually groups are concerned about experience levels, genres, meeting places and times, and other things, but since this is a virtual group some things we don’t need to worry about.  Other things, such as experience levels or genre preference, will work out into subgroups within the forums eventually.

You can read more about how it all works by clicking right here!

And there’s more! Forums galore!

At Indigo Spider you’ll find an array of forums for writers, check out some of the features!

The Lobby – Pop in and say Hi, welcome new members and check out the Rules & Guidelines.

The Spider Bar – General discussion, air your thoughts, ideas, reviews and suggestions.

  • Feedback Requests, Book Reviews, Blog Reviews, Story Ideas.

The Showcase Lounge – Showcase your fiction in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Showcase your fictional works, from poetry to novels and short pieces.

The Studio – Learn the nuts & bolts of writing and offer tips & advice.

  • Learn and share in key areas such as: Character Development, Dialogue Techniques, Plot Structure and the all important Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation.

As you can see there are plenty of areas to visit and get involved with. So even if you can’t visit a real world writers group a virtual one could be just the thing you’re looking for. The ethos of the WWG and forums is to build a community of writing enthusiasts who help each other hone their craft, share their experiences, tips, advice and chat with people on the same literary journey.

AND if that wasn’t enough to tantalize your fictional taste buds, the site also provides an instant chat service, where you can talk to other members in real-time – I’ve tried it out myself and have to say it’s a great feature!

The forums are shiny and new so jump right in and be part of the community! Look for the Sign In / Register button at the top of the page. I’ll be posting regular stuff in the forums so I look forward to meeting you there!

Clicky-click your way there now!


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