Gimme a Kissy!

Source: Picture: Jan Vermeer/Minden/solent

Found this photo this morning before I set off for work. Usually I browse around for a quick look at the news, Google News does it for me at that time in the morning. Most days I switch off my PC and drive with a sense of “ho-hum, war here, drugs there, political squabbling in the corner….sigh” but not today!

I had to smile when I saw this photo! And I thought I’d share it with you, dear blog reader, because we all need to smile a bit more. It’s photos like these that make me wonder if those much cherished human elements like love, humour, friendship and fun are experienced by all species.

Each night we put our dogs in the kitchen, they have a tasty Bonio doggy biscuit and a cosy bed each to curl up in. Tilly gets the bigger bed, Ben the smaller one. However, most mornings they are found in the same bed together, all snuggled up! And then when they’re allowed on the sofa – yeah, yeah, dogs on the sofa, very bad, blah, blah – they always seek each other out.

And if we try to take one of them out for a walk without the other…well, put it this way they don’t like it! They spend a lot of time play fighting and winding each other up but I seldom see two dogs so in tune with each other as ours.

All those human traits we take for granted and seem to take ownership of are very much alive and kicking in the animal world, our lovely dogs are a prime example! Cute or what!

14 thoughts on “Gimme a Kissy!

  1. Aww that is awesome. I know I sure see it in my cats. I had one who disappeareda few months after having a litter. After she stopped having anything to do with them, we gave two new homes because we just had too many. The two we kept, however, adopted another cat as mom, abs she adopted them right back.

    She (Artemis) had never been a mom, so seeing her cuddle and clean them is wonderful to me. Now we have the other two back and after two days, they are right on with their brothers, just happy as can be. Artemis loves them too. And our alpha male settings to have adopted them too even though he never had a litter. He cuddles them almost as much as Artemis does!

    The other cats have accepted them too, and we have a wonderful cat family! I tell you, they make me smile every day!

  2. Love the seal photo, it made me smile!
    Your dogs are definitely in tune with each other, our two were the same way but sadly we lost one a while back and now Poppy wanders around like a lost soul. I-am-not-getting- another-one.
    Great photo of Tilly and Ben on your couch and no room for anyone else – they are like bookends! Talk about a dog’s life!

    1. Sad hear that. They become so attached to each other its gut wrenching to see on wandering around looking their missing life pal.

      Tilly and Ben don’t always occupy the sofas, they get a gentle but firm nudge onto the floor but they just looked so comfy I didn’t want to disturb them.

  3. Obviously they are well loved, feel safe and happy, so their little ‘pack’ of two is in tune as a result. Ben is giving you a bit of a look like, “come on dad, you don’t really want to sit here, do you? it isn’t really comfy, trust me.”

    That seal photo is the best!

  4. Melts my heart; I – more often than not – see them as furry, feathered, wooly, etc. persons. I am always amazed at how much they can communicate with just a look, a sound and/or body language – no words. Beautiful!

    1. Animals do have that special way of reminding us that they can be cute, adorable, loving, happy, sad…everything, and not just “animals.” We try to communicate with our animal chums all the time, so it stands to reason they let us know how their feeling too.

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