Photo Montage #2

Today I spent some time driving around looking for a good location to snap a few photos of a glorious May sunset. I took 30 in total but sadly half of those had overhead power cables in them, which I wasn’t aware of at the time, and they look a bit ugly when trying to capture the deep red sky. After a while staring at the setting sun my eyes were a touch blurry but I managed to get 2 pretty cool shots I’m happy with!

I haven’t made any alterations to the photos or resized them so they should look pretty cool if you click on them.

May Sunset #1

In the first photo I was actually surprised to see the Moon peeking out from the clouds! And the dying light drenched a field in the distance making it look quite vivid like golden light bouncing off the sea. A friend commented that it looked as if a nuclear explosion had just happened on the horizon!


May Sunset #2

This was taken about 5 minutes later and the sun had shifted lower in the sky. It almost seems to be hanging over the farm buildings in the distance as if trying to cling on to every last moment before sliding below the horizon. I love the strip of gold between the sky and the ground.

Sunset 2

2 thoughts on “Photo Montage #2

  1. I especially like the second one. The lighting through the clouds is exceptional.
    And what’s with overhead wires all over the place. Don’t people know these are the bane of a photographer’s life? heh heh.
    keep up the great work.

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