Buddha Rocks – Vine Arch

An arch to you and me.

See with untarnished imagination. Wonder awaits.

Dying opalescent sun diffuses delicate shadows.

Subtle scintillating laughter betrays impish trickery.

Dazzling lights invite. Trumpets. Streamers. Carnival.

Enter the gateway. Pixie Winter Wonderland.

This image is called Vine Arch.

If you’d like to join in get yourself over to BuddhaRocks at deviantArt, choose a picture from his collection and write about it, link to his site or back to Filling a Hole and have a smile!

12 thoughts on “Buddha Rocks – Vine Arch

    1. Thanks Joss! Is this really poetry though? I’ve recently read some stunning poems on Indigo’s blog and there’s no chance I can compete on that level. I simply have a fascination with the #sixwords thingy.

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