Buddha Rocks – Where Zombies come from.

Check out. Check in. Slumber. Awaken.

No pool. No WiFi. No rest.

Chill of night. Groan and shiver.

Midnight’s hour is close at hand.

Rattle your bones. Hunger for flesh.

No mere graveyard but Zombie Hotel.

This image is called Where Zombies come from.

If you’d like to join in get yourself over to BuddhaRocks at deviantArt, choose a picture from his collection and write about it, link to his site or back to Filling a Hole and have a smile!

15 thoughts on “Buddha Rocks – Where Zombies come from.

  1. Is it sad that the first thing I thought was “I could never be a zombie, NO WIFI!” LOL

    You found a great photo to use and a fun spin on it!

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