Hoist the Birthday Flag!

Glittering cracker jacks shock the sky. Red silk banners. Rippling in reply. Hands raised on deck. Cheering. Celebrating. Champagne corks burst. Froth and sparkle. Music booms. Dancers sway. Happy faces. The Indigo Spider sets sail. Ahoy! This short story was inspired by Indigo Spider’s Sunday Picture Press – a challenge to write between 50 and [...]

Buddha Rocks – Dem Bones

Step up now! Don't be shy! Come see the Magnificent Skeleton Parade! See them shake, rattle and dance. With top hats bouncing. Canes twirling. Trumpets blare. Drums declare. Marching there! Dem bones. Dem bones. Dem dry bones! This image is called Dem Bones. Okay, so I broke my #sixwords rule on that last line but [...]