Buddha Rocks – Dem Bones

Step up now! Don't be shy! Come see the Magnificent Skeleton Parade! See them shake, rattle and dance. With top hats bouncing. Canes twirling. Trumpets blare. Drums declare. Marching there! Dem bones. Dem bones. Dem dry bones! This image is called Dem Bones. Okay, so I broke my #sixwords rule on that last line but [...]

Buddha Rocks – No Blur to Blur

My lonely tracks yearn for steam. Whistles and thunder. Passengers and hope. No steel wheels on polished rails. No clickety clack on train tracks. Golden age ransacked. Speed and haste. Raging silence conquers desire for motion. Long time to sit and wait. Graced by tormenting blur. Swift. Silent. Memories are relinquished by passing time. Clacker [...]