The Kitchen Table Project – What does your kitchen table say about you?

Recently I’ve become fascinated by our kitchen table. It’s an ever-changing world of cups, plates, leaflets, technology and general “stuff” but it also has a story to tell. Every day there’s something new and interesting spread across it. And it doesn’t just change day by day but hour by hour, even moment to moment, depending on who’s around and what they’re doing.

Everyone takes photos of their lives, kids, pets, birthdays, weddings, good times and bad. We store them on our hard drives, stuck them to our fridges and send them to our friends. To some degree we tend to measure our passage through time by recording our lives with the simple snapshot.

One day, not too long ago, I thought it would be pretty cool capture what many believe to be the heart of the home, the humble kitchen. Camera in hand, held above our kitchen table, I captured the photo below.

Kitchen Table Project

Now this may seem a little mundane but look closely and you will see the story emerge. There’s a plate and pots of jam (or jelly I think you Yankie Doodle Dandies call it!) and that morning we’d baked Jus Roll Croissants, the tinned variety you find in the supermarket chiller. Simply twist and out they pop, stick em in the oven and hey-ho presto yummy croissants!

As you can see there’s a laptop on the table, always in residence, ready for a quick internet browse, email, game of Bejewelled or Facebook update. Those keys are mine by the way, if you can, zoom in on the key ring! There’s a mobile phone, some shopping on the floor, as yet unpacked, and a pair of legs. Not sure who they belong to!

What you don’t see is the hustle and bustle going on around me as I take this photo, but the things on the table remind me of that moment.

Take a look at this shot taken a few days later.

The Kitchen Table ProjectFirst thing I noticed was the shiny glint in Tilly’s eye at the bottom. Our lovely ninja is fascinated by the little light on the front of my Nokia N8. We’ve got a Sudoku game on the go, empty glasses and a presentation project being edited. The fruit bowl is empty!

Our kitchen table is a feast of conversation, from heated debates to raucous laughter, not to mention good food! Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is my favourite place to be. I enjoy watching the TV but you can’t have a good catch up when you’re all staring at the goggle box can you? Our kitchen table is a serious multi-purpose tool, used by everyone and neglected by none.

In our ever changing, hectic 24/7 lifestyles it’s nice to know there is always one constant – the kitchen table. It’s always ready to accept anything we care to throw at it, on it, under it (in the case of sniffing dogs) and around it. Laughter, study, games, arguments, you name it, the kitchen table is there to help us on our journey through life. Never underestimate the importance of your kitchen table!

So there it is, our kitchen table, the first of many snapshots of my kitchen life.

I’d like to encourage you, dear blog reader, to share your kitchen table and let others know what stories it has to tell.

What does your kitchen table say about you?

16 thoughts on “The Kitchen Table Project – What does your kitchen table say about you?

  1. You know Dave, you should really get everyone to post a pic of their own kitchen tables and then link to you! I’d have a go at it. 😉

  2. Love the way you’ve photographed your kitchen table and created an idea. We don’t have a kitchen table 😦 So can’t particpate in this one. We have an American style kitchen and a separate dining room

    I have a tiny side table in the kitchen. Looking at it now it has sunglasses, recipe books, the shopping list I forgot to take with me shopping earlier, a newspaper, keys and a fruit bowl which was the original “decoration”. think I better go and clear this mess up!

    You are right though, each item has a story behind it as to how it came to be left there.

    1. Aww, no kitchen table? Ah but you do have a side table, and it has its own story by the looks of it! The funny thing about clearing it up is that it always “seems” to be messy but it isn’t, not really. Think of it as the evolution or story of your daily life!

    1. Sleep? Er….yeah, I remember that. Eyes closed, dreams and stuff. I had some of that last night, quite a bit actually because today is my day off! I’m ashamed to admit but I didn’t wake up till gone 10.30 this morning! I felt justified though because I worked by butt off yesterday!

  3. I love reading about things like this. I’ve never had a kitchen table as far as I know… I had a dining room table for a while and it was indeed the center of my home – just like I knew it would be all the time when I was dreaming about one. It was never empty; just dressed up and tidied up for different occasions. As soon as I can I’m getting another one! Who knows, maybe this time it will be in the kitchen? 🙂

    1. Oh in the kitchen for sure! But it doesn’t technically have to be a table in the true sense of the word. When I moved into my first flat I had a coffee table in the living room that was always very busy with keys, letters, cans of pop, pizza boxes and other junk. Even it was cleaned every day it was always nice to see it full of stuff from an evening of conversation and merriment!

  4. the kitchen table really is the heart of the home – ours anyway. i can’t tell you the number of people who have been in my house oodles of times and have yet to make it into the living room. They walk in the door, hang a left, and park themselves at the kitchen table. Often I need to remove stacks of papers – notes, lists, ideas scribbled on notes and lists – well you get the idea. Great post.

    1. Our house is the type where the only person who uses the front door is the postman, everyone else comes in through the back door, straight into the kitchen and like you say, never make it to the living room! The kitchen table begs to be sat around, tea, coffee, good meals, chats – it’s always there ready for the next event.

  5. Neat idea Dave, very original!
    We haven’t got a kitchen table, but we do have a bench at one side of the kitchen where we seem to leave all our ‘stuff”. I’m looking at it now and I see a pair of sunglasses, the hub’s cap, a mobile phone, a pair of binoculars I had out this morning (there was a Police helicopter flying very low over the nearby beach), and a bowl of fruit – which is the only thing that should be there!

    1. Ah but even though the bowl of fruit is what you think should be the only thing there, would you miss the rest of the “stuff” if it never arrived on the table? I like a nice clean table but it’s the “stuff” that makes it so fascinating!

      1. haha – PiP, I’ve come to realize that you can NEVER EVER have just a bowl of fruit on a table on it’s own – they seem to attract other ‘stuff”!

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