NaNoWriMo – What’s your Go To writing food?

NaNoWriMo is a time for gorging yourself on a diet of words, characters, plots, twists and turns. It can be a huge challenge, an uphill struggle that pushes your abilities and stamina to the limit. I wonder how many fellow Wrimo's have given much thought about how to fuel their word engines, other than gulping [...]

Kitchen Table Project – Pumpkin Pie & Desperation!

Following the surprising response from my first Kitchen Table Project I thought I'd continue this strange subject with a couple more pics of my kitchen table. But before I do I'd like to invite you, dear blog reader, to post photo's of your kitchen table and share a story or two of what the "stuff" [...]

The Kitchen Table Project – What does your kitchen table say about you?

Recently I've become fascinated by our kitchen table. It's an ever-changing world of cups, plates, leaflets, technology and general "stuff" but it also has a story to tell. Every day there's something new and interesting spread across it. And it doesn't just change day by day but hour by hour, even moment to moment, depending [...]