Buddha Rocks Project Day 6: Floopy

Guard duty versus infinite weariness. Snore.

Lazy ears. Lazy eyes. Nap time.

Alert yet floopy. Snuggled and cosy.

Long days sniffing, panting, licking, chasing.

Leave a message at the snooze.

My bouncy tail will return. Woof.

If you want to join in the Buddha Rocks Project here are the rules: 7 days of posts. 1 per day. These are inspired by 7 pictures. The pictures are chosen from BuddhaRocks  a funky dude who has a vast army of photo’s on his deviantArt blog.

All you do is pick a pic and post it on your blog and then TELL Evelyn  – who started the Buddha Rocks Project. Post a comment on her blog or Tweet her @E_FillingaHole – so she knows you’re playing along. It’ll make her happy!

I’m hooked on the #sixwords thingy on Twitter so I’ve taken the #sixwords ethos and blended it with images from Buddharocks. 6 words per line. 6 lines per image. I’m lovin’ it!

9 thoughts on “Buddha Rocks Project Day 6: Floopy

  1. Aww, such a cute pic and a great poem with it. I love “Leave a message at the snooze.

    My bouncy tail will return. Woof.” This made me laugh!

    1. It reminded me of our dogs when they’re all tired and just too slouchy to move. We see their tails wag a fraction when you mention their name but it seems like an awful lot of effort. So their expressions tell me they’ll show me some happy bouncy tails in a little while, when they can wrench their eyes open!

    1. I’d be tempted to call a future dog Floopy, but I wouldn’t want to stand in the park and call it and risk looking foolish in front of the other more serious dog owners. Hmm, on second thoughts maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. I’ve heard some people call their dogs back with names like “Trev” and “McGregor” – seriously, someone actually named their dog McGregor! LOL!

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