Buddha Rocks Project Day 5: Token

Winter’s breath chases Autumn’s cool embrace.

Slithers of ice adorn my window.

Beautiful jewellery dazzle in morning sun.

Frosty pearls cling to shivering leaves.

Diverse umber covered in white shrouds.

Token gesture of things to come.

If you want to join in the Buddha Rocks Project here are the rules: 7 days of posts. 1 per day. These are inspired by 7 pictures. The pictures are chosen from BuddhaRocks  a funky dude who has a vast army of photo’s on his deviantArt blog.

All you do is pick a pic and post it on your blog and then TELL Evelyn  – who started the Buddha Rocks Project. Post a comment on her blog or Tweet her @E_FillingaHole – so she knows you’re playing along. It’ll make her happy!

I’m hooked on the #sixwords thingy on Twitter so I’ve taken the #sixwords ethos and blended it with images from Buddharocks. 6 words per line. 6 lines per image. I’m lovin’ it!

12 thoughts on “Buddha Rocks Project Day 5: Token

    1. My spam filter got confused with this one! Apologies! Ooh I’ll check those out this weekend. I love having a blank sheet to fill up but at times I get too wordy or get carried away using words for the sake of them. #Sixwords has been a huge boost for taking time to think about how words are used and how they fit together.

      Thanks Indigo!

  1. another great choice! this was my desktop at work for a while!
    I like how this poem is shivery and silvery, just like the window and the frost.
    Im so glad you joined.
    woohoo buddha rocks project!

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