Warcraft Community Chest & Chance sets!

World of Warcraft Community Chest
Click to view larger size.

I didn’t plan to do any further work on my World of Warcraft Monopoly Edition board but a reader posted a reply about how they had printed the board and planned to use it! That alone was pretty exciting news as I haven’t been able to print off a copy to see how it looked.

Caterina35 said they (not sure about the he/she thingy, sorry, I didn’t want to assume!) had made up some deed cards and ordered figurines as player pieces. This intrigued me and I decided to have a go at making a set of Community Chest and Chance cards and again I got hooked on the design process! I’ve kept some of the orignal Monopoly instructions, though slightly adapted for the World of Warcraft theme, and added a whole host of new ones too.

I’ve also added an element from the excellent card game UNO, whereby players are forced to swap deeds with each other due to faction wars or guild disputes. I think this would liven up the game a little more as in my experience players tend to hunt for the best places, Park Lane and Pall Mall as one example, and build hotels on them. Also I’ve added a few surprises like catapults destroying buildings, and a Buy One Get One Free card for property developers.

World of Warcraft Community Chest
Click to view larger size.

As you can see I’ve designed the cards to be printed out easily enough, I suggest either thicker paper than standard printer copy paper or that photo paper that has a sheen on it. On the large images below the cards are spaces apart in order to allow cutting and trimming. The fronts are a nice classy black with the Alliance crest for Community Chest and Horde crest for Chance. The reverse side has the details of the card. I’m quite pleased with the way the cards turned out, the look pretty professional don’t they?

Hopefully the resolution is high enough so there won’t be any blurring when printed out. So now I’ve worked on these I’m very tempted to produce a set of World of Warcraft currency to go with the board. And then maybe a set of deeds for each street. I’m not sure I have the skill to make player pieces or houses and hotels though, but I’m sure someone will find something on the net to serve this purpose, like Caterina35 mentioned.

Below you will see the 2 sets. Click each one to view the hi-res version – they are big files, roughly 4.5mb in size  so they may take a while to load depending on your internet connection. They are 4200 x 5350 pixels. I think they look really cool!

The Community Chest card set is based on the Alliance Crest.

World of Warcraft Community Chest cards
Click to view larger image.

The Chance Chest card set is based on the Horde Crest.

World of Warcraft Chance Card Set
Click to view larger image.

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