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World of Warcraft – Deeds, Chance & Community Chest Sets

Now I’ve updated my World of Warcraft Monopoly board, click this thing to see it, I thought it best to give the Title Deeds, Chance and Community Chest sets a face lift. I haven’t changed a lot as they looked kind of okay. Sharpened the graphics up and adjusted a few bits and pieces to match the new board. I figure someone somewhere might want to download the new sets.

I haven’t changed the Money Set as it still looks pretty decent. Click here to see it. There are 2 versions, one with a uniform colour, and a second with variations in colour for the different denominations.

New Title Deeds

Click the image below to make it all big and shiny. Some of these files are pretty big so be patient if you have a slow internet connection. I was tempted to scale the quality down when exporting the image, to reduce the file size, but that would mean loss of quality should anyone want to print them off.

Title Deeds Front: File Size = 6mb. Pixel Size = 2990 x 1930.

Title Deeds Rear: File Size = 6.5mb. Pixel Size = 2990 x 1930

Chance Horde Set: File Size = 14mb. Pixel Size = 4200 x 5350.

Community Chest Alliance Set: File Size = 16.5mb. Pixel Size = 4200 x 5350.

Warcraft Community Chest & Chance sets!

World of Warcraft Community Chest

Click to view larger size.

I didn’t plan to do any further work on my World of Warcraft Monopoly Edition board but a reader posted a reply about how they had printed the board and planned to use it! That alone was pretty exciting news as I haven’t been able to print off a copy to see how it looked.

Caterina35 said they (not sure about the he/she thingy, sorry, I didn’t want to assume!) had made up some deed cards and ordered figurines as player pieces. This intrigued me and I decided to have a go at making a set of Community Chest and Chance cards and again I got hooked on the design process! I’ve kept some of the orignal Monopoly instructions, though slightly adapted for the World of Warcraft theme, and added a whole host of new ones too.

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