Warcraft Monopoly Property Deeds Set!

Warcraft Monopoly Property Deeds
Click to view larger size

I think I may have a problem! It seems I’m addicted to fleshing out my World of Warcraft Monopoly Edition board game to the max! I’ve done the board, the Community Chest & Chance card sets, and now I’ve finished the Property Deeds.

I’ve seen other people create alternative property deeds but they all look the same as the original ones used in the traditional game – white background, standard colours etc. I wanted to maintain the theme I set out on the board only this time I dropped the parchment look in favour of a wooden surround. This I took from the World of Warcraft in-game achievements window.

To preserve the quality of the design I also created a set of reverse sides for the property deeds. The reason being is that after Caterina35 said he/she had printed out the board I wanted to make sure that whatever design I next created it would be complete, just in case anyone else wanted to print out the designs. Read on to see the complete property deeds set!

World of Warcraft Monopoly Property Deeds Set
Click to view larger size.

The reverse side of the property deeds is simple but quite different from the original Monopoly in its design. I thought it best to place a Copyright notice for Hasbro Games UK LTD, but also a sneaky Designed by Noobcake in there as well!

I’m very pleased with how these cards turned out. I’m tempted to take the files to a print centre and see how they look printed in high quality on good paper. My next project is to design a new set of money for the game, although this one will be a little more time-consuming as I want them to look exceptional with detail like actual bank notes.

I’m still thinking about the houses & hotels…I wonder how I would get on with clay…? Something for the future maybe, and lots of practice! My skill in playing with clay isn’t very good, although I used to love making stuff out of plasticine when I was a kid…

Below you will see the complete set of property deeds, both front and rear. Click each one to view the hi-res version – it’s a big image, 4MB. And large file size too 2990 x 1930 pixels.

World of Warcraft Property Deeds Set – Front.

World of Warcraft Monopoly Property Deeds Set
Click to view larger size.

World of Warcraft Property Deeds Set – Rear.

World of Warcraft Monopoly Property Deeds Set - Reverse
Click to view larger size.

4 thoughts on “Warcraft Monopoly Property Deeds Set!

  1. Hi, very interesting project, excellent title deeds. Thought you might be interested in the following site where a similarr project is being undertaken.
    On a similar theme, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast were working in collaboration to produce a Dungeons & Dragons edition of Monopoly. Go to
    I would be very interested in seeing pictures of your board. I have just completed writing a book about Monopoly in which I have featured the two Monopoly games above. Unfortunately it is too late to include details of your project, but if I manage a second edition I would certainly like to include it.

  2. Ian, Thanks again for your kind comments. The link to the Resident Evil Monopoly board was really interesting, and I think I’ll be taking my designs to a printers and find out they look in real life. It would be amazing to see my designs in the shops! I have wondered about how I would go about promoting my design to Hasbro but I’m not sure how I would stand legally as the images etc belong to Blizzard, I just used them for an alternative purpose.

    If you ever get around to a 2nd book I’d be more than happy to share my work with you. Out of interest is it possible for me to check it out on Amazon?

  3. The book isn’t out yet, hopefully it will debut at the London Book Fair in April and will be available from Amazon later.
    I’ve just seen the new money design, its excellent, well done.
    Regarding getting the game published, all I can advise is be careful. Hasbro don’t like freelancers producing what are basically copies of their game. Baliopoly, Ghettopoly and Anti-Monopoly all fell foul to Parker Brothers’/Hasbro disapproval, but companies such as USA-Opoly and Winning Moves have managed to obtain licences.

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