Warcraft Monopoly Money Set!

World of Warcraft Monopoly Money Set
Click to view larger size.

I’ve finished my World of Warcraft Monopoly Money Set in record time! I thought it would take a lot longer but once I got going it was full steam ahead! I’ve hit “the zone” many times whilst writing but never had the same experience whilst working on a graphic design project.

Like the other areas of my Warcraft Monopoly theme I wanted the money to look slightly different from the original Monopoly, yet still maintain the character of looking like…well, money.

I borrowed a few ideas from UK bank notes, the curly font at the top and tag line under it. I took some time with the Warcraft crests to get them looking the right size and in the right place. My Warcraft Monopoly differs in one aspect from original Monopoly money in that they are all the same colour. I got around this by making sure the crests were bright and vibrant and the amount clearly displayed in the centre.

I used a range of textures and filters etc to get the look I wanted, on olde worlde look, not like our own at all, something that wouldn’t look terribly out-of-place in the actual game itself. As you’ll see from the larger image below I also included well-known phrases spoken by the in-game characters from each race, I thought it added a little extra to make the money stand out and look different from one another.

To say I’m happy with what I’ve achieved is an understatement! Considering I only started the Zombie Monopoly board on a whim: “I wonder if…” kind of thing, and now I’ve done so much with the World of Warcraft one, I’m surprised by it all. I don’t know what to do next really, apart from box design or player counters, hotels and houses perhaps…we shall see.

In the meantime please do check out the image below, give it a click and see it full size. Below you will see the complete set ofย  World of Warcraft Money. Click the image to view the hi-res version โ€“ this one isn’t such a big file just over 2MB, with an image size ofย  1371 x 1420 pixels.

World of Warcraft Monopoly Money Set.
Click to view larger image.

EDIT: After an interesting comment from Rebelord, who confirmed my doubts over the use of the same colour for each note, I have changed the hue and saturation of the Warcraft Monopoly money sets to give a clearer visual over each denomination. I’ve tried to remain true to the UK version of the original Monopoly money but some of the colours are very similar. I’ve kept the 500’s the same colour though. I’m not sure which one I prefer so let me know your thoughts. Click the image below to view the larger size.

World of Warcraft Monopoly Money Set alternative version
Click to view larger size.

9 thoughts on “Warcraft Monopoly Money Set!

  1. I’ve been following your last few posts about the World of Warcraft Monopoly Game you’ve been working on, and your work has been great so far.

    Although I would like to point out one thing that I thought would be important edition, or change that I think is essential for making it more playable.

    In the normal edition of Monopoly you’ll notice that the different denominations of money vary in color. I think that’s a bit of an important factor when making the game playable. It makes it easier to realize how much money you have available for purchases, and trading during gameplay. Otherwise you could easy end up recounting your money often taking away from game time.

    In other words I think you should change the colors of the different denominations of the money to make it convenient for players to recognize easily, and quickly.

    Although on the other hand you would be able keep other playings guessing how much money you have if they were all colored the same.

    What would be even cooler though if you could actually have gold, silver, and copper coins to play with for the game, and translated all the pricing to match the currency.

    All in all great job on the artwork, I’ve been pondering taking your images down to a copy center, and having it all printed up on some good cardstock paper, and so forth.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the reply. You’ve hit on something that bothered me. I wasn’t sure if having the money look the same would be a problem, as like you say players like to be able to count their money visually at a glance without having to physically count through.

    The idea of using coins did cross my mind but what put me off was imagining how heavy the actual box would be if sold in a shop with all those coins inside!

    As the original Monpoly used single demoninations of dollars or pounds I didn’t want to use gold, silver and copper as in the Warcraft game as this would make it more confusing and time consuming. So using just gold made sense. I admit I’m not convinced by the colour though so I’ve worked on changing the colours slightly and posted a different version.

    Again, thanks so much for your comments!

  3. Wow, you’ve really perfected it with that last update. It’s exactly how I envisioned you would change the look with color. Just enough color to make stand out, but not so much to make it look like the original rainbow colored Monopoly money.

    It’s a great revision you’ve made from your original piece of work. For a little while there I was debating just taking the time to edit it myself in photoshop if you never had the chance to do it, but you did an awesome job with it.

    If I really wanted to be snobbish I would say that the gold wording needs a border of some sort to make the words pop with a little bit of contrast, but I think that without the border around it, it makes it look more like actual gold leaf embedded into the currency.

    And I definitely have to agree with you on the issues with using actual coins. In theory it sounds awesome, but creates a lot of complications with the game theme translation, and weight issues if ever put into production. Unless you used plastic coins, but it wouldn’t be as cool.

    But if there is ever a need for making a extremely accurate expensive collectors edition version for a World of Warcraft themed Monopoly. I would say go forth the real coins.

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