That’s not Racism you morons!

Pretend for a moment there's no such thing as racism and never has been. Take a look at the picture on the left. What do you really see? FHM Philipines have pulled the cover of their March edition because anti-racist idiots say it's racist. I'm shocked that public sensitivity has reached such stupid heights and [...]

Poppy Burning Scum!

As part of the The Daily Post's "What part of life confuses you the most? " topic I have republished this article to show just how baffled a great many people are over how this kind of nonsense is allowed to happen. I usually start a post with a light-hearted paragraph that outlines my main [...]

Free Ride Britain

The majority of my posts here on Noobcake rarely (if ever) venture into controversial areas, but after a reading various news reports about how immigrants to the UK are living comfortably compared to the average family, I needed to have my say. For the record I am not a racist, I don't see the point [...]