Free Ride Britain

£1.2 London Mansion.
Immigrants £1.2 London pad paid for by Housing Benefit.

The majority of my posts here on Noobcake rarely (if ever) venture into controversial areas, but after a reading various news reports about how immigrants to the UK are living comfortably compared to the average family, I needed to have my say.

For the record I am not a racist, I don’t see the point in judging anyone based on their race/religion/sex etc, it is counter productive and only for morons who can not formulate a solid argument or think of anything positive to say.

If and when I judge people it is based on whether they are an arsehole or not. Simple but effective.

This doesn’t mean I am an uncaring sort who never votes and couldn’t give a toss about my surroundings or the future of the country. Far from it. I believe that anyone entering the UK long-term should be able to demonstrate skills that will benefit the country BEFORE they are allowed in, or at least enter into training that will enable them to be productive. I won’t get onto the subject of asylum seekers in great detail, except to say that it appears all too easy to plead a case for asylum. I could be wrong but that is how it seems.

With that said I’ll move onto my main point.

The question: Is Britain considered a free ride country? My reasons for this question are based on certain shocking news reports about how immigrants are given plush places to live, have benefits thrown at them and live way beyond the means of any average UK family. The image above is from a news report from The Sun, and yes I know it isn’t exactly a paper with a history of respectable truth-telling. However, other newspapers run similar reports, albeit with a little less drama and more facts. With this post I’m not verifying facts and figures, it isn’t about that but about the overall picture the population sees about immigrants squatting in our country.

The news report talks about an Afghan mother and her 7 children living in a £1.2m house, paid for by benefits, despite the fact that the Labour Government decided to boot them out 2 years ago. The mother in question is given around £3,000 a WEEK in benefits! To me that just seems ridiculous. Her son, Jawad, talks about their life as “winning the Lottery.”

Abdi Nur - Living in £2m pad on benefits

In another report a jobless Somali bus conductor (father of 7 children) & his wife were reported to be living in a luxury £2m townhouse that is costing taxpayers £2,000 a week just for the rent. They were granted asylum in 1999 after escaping war-torn Somalia. And apparently he got the house because he didn’t like his previous home, in Kensal Rise – North West London, because it was in a poor area and the shops closed too early!

I don’t claim to know anything about the need to flee your own country for fear of violence against me or my family. I can only guess that in genuine cases people will do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones. The problem lies with the unjust way asylum seekers and immigrants are handed luxury life styles.

A fairer system would be to locate them in a less affluent part of the country, in a property that doesn’t cost tax payers a fortune, where they can live a normal life without 50″ TV’s & new cars, unless they earn them. Then make sure they are being trained in order to put something back into the economy and their community. Why do so many of these news reports centre around immigrants living in outlandish places? Is this normal? Surely not all immigrants are given handouts of this magnitude? It is this kind of disregard for fairness that upsets the hardworking people of Britain.

Chris Grayling MP for Epsom & Ewell was quoted on The Sun: NOTHING makes people madder after a hard day’s work than to see their neighbours able to get by at home on benefits, doing nothing. Except in many cases it’s not their neighbours. It’s those living on the smart side of town – in big houses paid for by the taxpayer which are way beyond the budget and dreams of hard-working families. Why should those who do not work end up better housed than those who do? It’s just not good enough and we think it’s time to put a stop to it.”

I bet he isn’t the only one who thinks that.

What about this for a huge contrast:

War Veteran refused council home!

I came across a Daily Mail news report about Lance Corporal Craig Baker, 26, and his family who were refused a council house in his home town because “has no local connection.” And the reason why? Because he has spent several years in Afghanistan, fighting, risking his life. He and his family were crowded into his family’s home, where they sleep on an inflatable bed. It doesn’t matter what your views are about our troops in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere else. You might think it all a waste of time, they shouldn’t be there and so on. What does matter is that a soldier, someone performing his duty for Queen & Country, has been refused the most basic rights whilst an immigrant has wedges of cash thrown at them so they can live in luxury. L/Cpl Baker states he came back to spend time with his family, that he has tried to help himself but just needs a little bit of assistance in the right direction. Why should he be sidelined when others are provided a lavish lifestyle with no incentive to contribute to the country?

Jobless Afghans living in £3,000 a week mansion!

Remember the photo at the top? Well that lovely house is/was occupied by mother-of-seven Toorpakai Saiedi, 37. A £1.2million seven-bedroom home in Acton, west London. This cost Ealing council £150,000 a year to rent. Her son Jawad, said: “If someone gave you a lottery jackpot would you leave it?’ The family had a 50” plasma TV, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and plush silk furnishings, and received £170,000 per year in handouts. And get this, they still moaned that they were too poor to afford Sky television. Makes me sick. Ignore everything in this picture apart from the idiotic grin on Jawads face.

Normal people like me consider this extremely unjust. We don’t understand why Britain is so relaxed over who is allowed to enter the country and how the country is being shaped in comparison to other more strict countries. I’m generalising but compare Britain to Australia where they have quite acute laws on who is allowed to reside in their country. Do you think it would be okay if a portion of the population decided to move to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Korea or China, made claims for benefits, built some nice traditional English Churches and insisted on having our own version of Sharia Law? No way would that ever happen. Why? Because the patrons of those countries defend their social and cultural landscape.

The Bottom Line

The majority of people want to live in a fair and just society, where they can earn a living, feel secure and prosper. I believe that the unjust benefits system, immigration laws and other relevant areas are slowly eroding the identity of Britain. There are countless soundbites from government stooges about how we are a multi-cultural Britain. That’s great! I love variety! but that should not be at the risk of making people lose faith in the country, its morals, laws, traditions & social identity.

I don’t remember which town but a few years ago one town council renamed it’s Christmas holiday when the town centre Christmas lights were turned on. They named it Winterlight. Reason being they didn’t want to offend anyone who didn’t celebrate Christmas. Shocking. If you wish to live here then you need to accept a few very important things:

  • Christmas is Christmas not Winterlight.
  • Our national language is English. Learn it. Use it.
  • Do not thrust your religion down anyone’s throat. We respect yours, you do the same.
  • You are not entitled to live in luxury unless you earn it.
  • Do not expect handouts & benefits if you have not earned them.
  • Get a job or train for one.
  • Learn the history of Britain. You will be tested. Fail and you are evicted from the country.
  • There is one law – British Law.
  • If you insist on raging against our politics, religion, views, language, society then you can leave.
  • Be a positive member of Britain, negativity is wasted energy. Leave it at the border.

These are pretty simple things to live by, and the same rules should apply to anyone, even those disgusting BNP extremists and other neo-Nazi white-power morons. If you don’t like the way things are then strive to make positive changes, violence and hatred get you nowhere. We should love our country, it has a lot going for it, but unless we stem the tide of erosion we will lose our identity and slowly drift into a vague formless colony of anything goes, who cares, who are we, where are we going?

I want to believe that as a nation we can retain a sense of identity through a blend of many different faiths, views, opinions and races. If we don’t ALL make an effort future generations may resent the fact that we let it slide so much for the sake of appearing to be politically correct. You have been warned.



3 thoughts on “Free Ride Britain

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  2. I have had lots of experiences of the ghastly benefit system as a single father.

    It seems the reason for the ludicrous inequalities within the benefit system whereby war veterans like Lance Corporal Craig Baker are refused their obvious right to council housing while immigrants get showered with vast amounts of money in benefits and are given million pound properties to live in, is because of the appalling, horrible quality of the civil servants administering the whole benefits system.

    They are dim, lazy and inefficient and nobody even attempts to make sure they all do the job they are supposed to do properly. There is no accountability. They are a nasty bunch of idle jobsworths who all deserve to be sacked.

    They certainly would not be able to behave in this way in any private sector employment.

    Single Father and Son blog at:

  3. Thank you for your reply, it certainly seems like your own views are shared by many people sick of the benefits system. Perhaps this kind of thing goes beyond the civil servants to the actual laws and regulations created to allow this kind of thing to happen. It is shocking to read how immigrants are able to take take take when UK born and bred people are pushed into the background.

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