Poppy Burning Scum!

As part of the The Daily Post’s “What part of life confuses you the most? ” topic I have republished this article to show just how baffled a great many people are over how this kind of nonsense is allowed to happen.

I usually start a post with a light-hearted paragraph that outlines my main points of view, but this time I’ll just dive straight in and state that people like those dirty scum bags who burned poppies and held up racist banners should be rounded up, marched to the nearest airport/ferry and booted out of the country.

There should be no trial or lawyers citing freedom of speech. These morons have abused their right to freedom of speech by declaring their hatred of Britain, and to that end they should lose their right to reside in this country. Arrest them and march them straight to the border. No messing about, just get out of my country!!

It’s all well and good having a country that declares itself a multi-cultural society, but buzz-words like tolerance and acceptance only stretch so far before the population begin seriously questioning our reasons for allowing people of such filth to live within our borders. I’d like to see a system where these racist bags of shit are removed from the country within hours – arrest, into police custody, no jail cell, no hot meal, passport removed, driven to an airplane and thrown out over you or your parents country of origin. It should take less than a day to achieve that, start to finish.

And when I say “our reasons” I mean political bullshit. Does any government really think it is in touch with what the average person thinks? Britain is a mixture of many faiths and opinions but there must be a line drawn somewhere about what type of people are allowed to live here. I’m not prone to reacting to any situation with such anger, I take my time to think about the situation, to see it from both sides and then draw my own opinion. So this post is not just a gut reaction, but a deep felt report that is shared by many.

Consider a British national protesting in a middle-eastern country. What do you think the punishment would be for committing an act equally as shocking as the poppy burners? Do you think a British (or person from any other country for that matter) would be allowed to have such a shocking opinion or behave in such a way? No chance. They would have been dragged away a long time before they could make their point or get any TV time.

I know the picture to the left has been Photoshopped but consider the reaction should the placards actually show those words. Think what would happen if anyone stood in a crowded street with a banner that said something like “Poppy Burning Muslim Extremists Must Die!” Or even: “Burn the Qur’an – It’s full of shit.” Would that be acceptable? I don’t think so. Why has this country allowed these kinds of people to live here, possibly not paying taxes, living off benefits and not contributing anything to society, to make this kind of statement without very severe repercussions? Why is our country so incredibly weak to the point of being frightened to create waves with more strict policies that govern this sort of thing?

Now before I go any further I should point out that it’s obvious that these idiots are extremists and their views are not shared by everyone. However, it must be tough for many people not to generalise. I’ve said it before – I’m not racist because there’s no point, it’s not positive and serves to create negativity. A bastard is still a bastard regardless of skin colour, race, sex, age etc. This act only serves to create a divide between your typical white British population and people from the Asian community – I know that’s a wide spectrum but I believe that is how it will be perceived.

When Brits are abroad, let’s say football fans at an international football match, and they riot for whatever reason (I’ve seen that plenty of times on the news) does that not give the rest of Britain a bad name? When you are in another country and act in such outlandish ways it reflects on the rest of your country, good or bad.

I read about a guy in Iran (I think, don’t quote me) who stole a jar of sweets. He had his hands chopped off! For stealing sweeties! Right, that’s fair punishment isn’t it? I know every country has its own laws but it makes me think that Britain is a bit lazy when it comes to punishment. When I was young I was bullied a little at school, not much I admit but it was enough to cause fear and upset. I was given some good advice: take out the leader, punch him hard and take him down and the others will back off. You know what? It worked. I’m not saying we should do the same to another country, but that method could be applied to these sick protestors. The punch being the swift reaction of removing them from the country. Perhaps that will send a message to other like-minded people, this is what you get should you try something similar.

Look at the coward holding the placard to the left. Is that what you want on the streets of Britain?  These disgusting scare mongerers hide their faces, not one of them has the courage that our soldiers have. They do nothing but incite religious and racial hatred. Just because they have a British passport should not allow them the freedom to inflict their views on the rest of society. These people are not British. Residing within any country is a privilege, one that can and should be removed without protest if you live here with that attitude.

The problem is that the Police and Government are frightened of being branded racist or too extreme, so these dirty parasitic turds can do just what they like knowing they can get away with it. The ancient war of religions “my God, my Faith is the right one, all others are false” is an excuse for people to be arseholes. What is it about certain people who are relentless about proving their faith is the only one? Are they brainwashed from birth to think this? Every faith has its good and bad points but not everyone thrusts it down the throats of others. We should be able to live alongside each other without such acts of stupidity, ignorance and let’s not forget – arrogance.

My views are just as important as anyone else’s. I don’t incite violence or hatred, so what makes others think they have the right to behave as if they do? Britain is an easy country – come in, come in, we’ll cloth you, shelter you, throw money at you, and when you do something naughty we’ll slap your hand gently and send you back out to do it again! Not good enough is it?

Every nation has the right to mourn it’s dead. Remembrance Day is about taking time to think of those who have given their lives in the line of duty. It doesn’t matter about the reason behind it, whether the government made a mistake sending troops where they shouldn’t. The fact remains that soldiers are true patriots and should be remembered as such. Remembrance Day is as much about ALL soldiers who have died in the line duty, but it also reminds us that during great wars our men and women battled against oppression.

We often forget that people gave their lives to protect this country, a fact these young idiots don’t know or don’t care about. If you wish to behave in such a despicable way then you should be loaded into a catapult and shot out to sea. This is not acceptable. It should be dealt with quickly and harshly.

A message to the poppy burning ignorant turds.

Hey you in the sunglasses, you think this is funny? You think you are a rock star? Show some God damn respect for those who gave their lives so you can walk free in this country. Show some respect for other people’s faiths/views/race/religion/morals… need I go on?

None of you deserve to live here. You have shown yourselves to be unwilling to work in harmony with this country’s’ laws and morals. Your right to reside with Great Britain should be revoked. All you have done is throw more fuel on the racist fire. You do not deserve a fucking police escort! How dare you cover your faces you cowards. You make me sick. Rebels without a clue, that’s all you are.

There is no excuse for this behaviour and it should not be tolerated.


5 thoughts on “Poppy Burning Scum!

  1. This article REALLY upset me … I’m not a racist and would not dream of being so disrespectful to the “dead” of others – regardless of whether I agreed with their politics or not. How can you have a mulitcultural society and live in harmony if this is allowed to happen? How dare they burn the Poppies!

  2. I find the whole thing just insane. I don’t usually write articles in the heat of the moment but I was so outraged by this I had say something. Race or religion doesn’t come into it, the fact that those people were behaving in that way should be enough to have them removed from the country.

    It’s a sad state the country is in where this can happen.

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