Transition – Isn’t nature awesome!

Back at the start of February when we had a slither of snow, though some would call it a nightmarish blizzard, I stopped on my way to work and took this photograph. Best to click and enlarge it to see how good it looks. Since then I've cultivated a sort of relationship with this lonely [...]

First Summer Sunset

I have a thing for sunsets and I find my Nokia N8 captures them pretty well. I love the beautiful blend colours that smother the sky in the evening. Here in the East of England the land is flat and the skies huge. Instead of taking landscape photos, I call them cloudscapes. I took this [...]

Out in the White!

Hey there dear blog reader! Here in the UK we had a smidgen of snow over the weekend, I say a smidgen because compared to the rest of Europe, who've been bombarded with the white stuff, we've had it lucky! Here in snowy Cambridge we had around 6 inches, not much really, and certainly not [...]