Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

This photo was taken in Bury St Edmund’s a couple of weeks ago. The East Anglia market town is a hive of activity on a Saturday when the market is bustling away but at the other end of the town it’s pretty quiet. This hotel is extraordinary with flowers still in bloom like the middle of summer rather than autumn.

Click to see them in their glorious big pictureness!

Stunning building isn’t it? I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture it on such a marvellous day.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

    1. Yes it does. I don’t know if that’s the name of the hotel or just a cool sign. Ah, I just zoomed in. Yes the sign does say angel but beneath it in smaller letters it says Angel Hotel. I never noticed that when I took the photo!

  1. Wow, stunning! Gorgeous building. I’ve always dreamed of having a house where the plants covered the facade like that, just love it.

  2. Gorgeous shots of a delightful building! Love your take on opportunity… the process rather than the subject. I bet a lot of people are relieved that on the day you went hunting for a submission to the challenge you didn’t stumble upon a YWCA with no budget for drapes!

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