Vigilant Pup, Happy Snowman & The True Story of Jack Schitt!

This week has been a bit draining and far from creative. Despite my best efforts to continue writing my NaNoWriMo novel I’ve only managed around 4,000 words. Sigh. The ideas keep wooshing inside my head and even when I’m not physically writing – staring out of the window for example – I’m still writing, albeit inside my noggin! On the plus side I have a few photos to share with you, dear blog reader, in the hope they may raise a smile or two! Click em to view em big style.

Vigilent PupOur lovely dog Ben, on guard, ever vigilant, watching the street for signs of danger or another dog to bark at!

Here we have a happy Snowman, smiling contentedly as his pals dance across the ice behind him!

And finally we have the True Story of Jack Schitt! My Dad gave me this funny poster ages ago! It’s pinned inside one of our kitchen cupboards and always raises a smile when I reach for a jar of chilli powder or other seasoning.

15 thoughts on “Vigilant Pup, Happy Snowman & The True Story of Jack Schitt!

  1. That is a funny as Schitt story πŸ˜‰ I love that snow man. He’s one of those characters that don’t need words. Hopefully the dust settles soon and you can ‘pen’ down your creative ideas again. When you love something that much, missing it for one day can feel like a llfetime, not so? (Hmm… wondering why WordPress is telling me “lifetime” is spelt wrong…)

    1. In answer to my own question… because it IS spelt wrong in the original sentence… #wishingIcouldeditmycomment#

    1. Thanks Joss. Time to recharge the creative batteries I think. Writing non stop certainly isn’t healthy and the cold beer will definitely be enjoyed after work tomorrow. So looking forward to that!

  2. Dave, did you figure out what that smiley was? I’m asking because I have the smiley on my blog now, too. this is truly weird. like i told you recently when I checked it wasn’t there. Well, now it is!

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