Buddha Rocks is back again!!

Buddha Rocks is here again!

Thanks to a prompt by Evelyn at Filling a Hole (otherwise I would’ve forgot!) I’m happy to be taking part in this funky monthly tradition. If you’d like to join in get yourself over to BuddhaRocks at deviantArt, choose a picture from his collection and write about it, link to his site or back to Filling a Hole and have a smile!

Last time I took part I went for a Six Words theme, inspired by the #sixwords Twitter stream. I’m no poet but I did enjoy the six lines of six words thingy so I’ll go for the same again.

This image is called Night Rain.

Amethyst rain drops. Gems of life.

Dazzling purple hues. Cold and vibrant.

Roadside treasures. Lonely but not alone.

Illuminated by chance. Shy questioning light.

Their magnificence shuns scathing obtrusive light.

Night rain jewels encourage hushed inspection.

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