The WTF Factor!

Type The X Factor into Google and you'll find endless websites and images dedicated to this wonderful weekend family show. About 15 years ago (or thereabouts) UK telly companies were being criticized for not providing enough wholesome family entertainment. They had slumped into a pit of weak sitcoms and dramas that never reached beyond a [...]

Avatar – Can’t you just enjoy it?

I watched the trailers, loved them in fact, and devoured the screenshots with hungry eyes. I was hooked on Avatar before I had seen it. The 3D thing didn't matter to me, the storyline, settings and fresh new epicness were what I wanted to see. With drink and popcorn in hand, prime seats grabbed, I [...]


Anyone who knows, or cares to find out, will recognise certain fashion trends; Mods & Rockers, Greasers, Punks, Hippies, Goth, Chav, Trendies...and so on. And now we have a new variant, the Emo. Let's get the misconception out of the way first shall we? Emo, although widely used to describe a section of the teenage [...]