Should movies be faithful to the book?

Unless you've been living in a dark cave on Mars for the last few months you'll probably have heard/seen all the hullabaloo about the big screen summer blockbuster World War Z. Before you read any further I'll state right now this is not going to be one of those posts where I drone on and [...]

Throwback Thursday!

Top 10 Movies from the 80's! It's time to get your retro-noodle on! Sit back and enjoy some classic 80's movie trailers! I'd like to thank Brenda over at A Scribbler's Tale for her inspiring post that I've stolen borrowed in order to bathe in the warm glow of 80's movie nostalgia! 10. The Goonies [...]

Zombie News!

Zombie fans could be in for a treat some time soon! Hollywood seem hell-bent on churning out cute CG garbage as if their on a production line. I enjoyed Shrek 1. It was funny. Shrek 2 was pretty decent. How To Kill Your Dragon was top quality stuff too. Toy Story was okay. After that...meh.  [...]