Writing Prompt Wednesday #5

Summer arrived in the UK last week, and as usual, all sorts of records have been broken. According to one source, we had the hottest day in May in 176 years. That’s newsworthy, right?

This morning I had a wonderful rush of inspiration during the not quite awake and could drift back to sleep place right before you realise the bed must be abandoned to go do grown-up stuff. Idea explosions of such clarity don’t happen that often these days, and this one was the shit. Too good to ignore.

After a mad writing sesh I’ve lounged back to enjoy the visual translation of that inspirational flash.

Problem is that it’ll have to wait until I’ve got my big book project out of the way. That comes first. But, oh man, this new idea is so cool. What I want right now is to write like maniac until all my energy is spent on this shiny new thing and then I can lie back, panting, sweating and smiling.

Or p’raps I’m getting that mixed up with something else… meh, it’s still a good feeling.

Onward to The Holt! Chapter 36 is calling me. Ooh, and this one’s kinda pivotal too.


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