Writing Prompt Wednesday #4

Writing prompts are pretty fun, even just as a thought exercise.

I’m working on a bigger post at the moment about my zombie foot recovery. More to come over the weekend I hope.

Until a few minutes ago I was working on Chapter 35 of The Holt, in particular, an important (if gross and disgusting) scene where a crowbar has been jammed into the forehead of a Bloodwalker, nice and deep, and then wrenched down so his forehead cracks open.

There’s lots of blood, ruined muscle and sinew, and then as his entire face is destroyed we get to see teeth and splintered jaw creaking and popping.

Not to mention the screams – unholy shit, like lambs being torn apart by an insane devil worshiping butcher. Nightmare sounds in other words.

Sounds fun, right?

Hell yeah it does!

Enjoy the prompt.


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