Buddha Rocks Project Day 4: Senses

See without sight. Eyes can lie.

Listen without sound. Filter the noise.

Speak without words. Dance. Write. Paint.

One day without senses enhances empathy.

Share a moment. Blind. Deaf. Mute.

Embrace life. Love it. Love it.

If you want to join in the Buddha Rocks Project here are the rules: 7 days of posts. 1 per day. These are inspired by 7 pictures. The pictures are chosen from BuddhaRocks  a funky dude who has a vast army of photo’s on his deviantArt blog.

All you do is pick a pic and post it on your blog and then TELL Evelyn  – who started the Buddha Rocks Project. Post a comment on her blog or Tweet her @E_FillingaHole – so she knows you’re playing along. It’ll make her happy!

I’m hooked on the #sixwords thingy on Twitter so I’ve taken the #sixwords ethos and blended it with images from Buddharocks. 6 words per line. 6 lines per image. I’m lovin’ it!

11 thoughts on “Buddha Rocks Project Day 4: Senses

      1. Yes, profound! I mean, come on, see without sight because eyes can lie? You are a deep thinker and don’t know it 😉

        1. Aww shucks Indigo. Tis but inspired by the stunning stuff I read by you, Evelyn, Scribbla and Joss. I admit writing in this style helps hone the use of descriptive words.

  1. first of all, I want to say I LOVE this picture.
    second I want to say I LOVE how you have merged it with the #sixwords thingy and I am SO about to go and do that becuase yes, I am ashamed to say, I have not done my post for today.
    third, love this”See without sight. Eyes can lie.”
    “One day without senses enhances empathy.”

  2. #sixwords is so addictive isn’t it? I’m looking forward to peace & quiet this evening to do another one! Buddharocks sure has some funky photos and stuff, inspiration galore!

    1. Thanks! I saw a program on TV once where volunteers were blindfolded and had headphones on for a day so they could appreciate what it felt like being partly deprived of their senses. At the end all the volunteers said how much empathy they had for those with loss to their senses.

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