Buddha Rocks Project Day 4: Senses

See without sight. Eyes can lie. Listen without sound. Filter the noise. Speak without words. Dance. Write. Paint. One day without senses enhances empathy. Share a moment. Blind. Deaf. Mute. Embrace life. Love it. Love it. If you want to join in the Buddha Rocks Project here are the rules: 7 days of posts. 1 [...]

Buddha Rocks Project Day’s 1-3: Belly Rub!

Happy Shower Buddha Buddha sits on my window ledge. Jolly. Happy. Red bellied chubby chap. He always greets me every morning. With a smile and a wink. In reply I stroke his belly. Songs I sing in the shower. Writing Muse Buddha Buddha for inspiration. For afternoon writing. Pen and pad with brooding thoughts. A [...]