I’ve been Tagged! – Blogger Tag & my 7 Links

Piglet in Portugal has tagged me! Waaaah, now I’m IT and I must pass it on quick!! Cheers PiP!

I have no clue who made this game up, like PiP I’m all back of the bus on this one, but hey, it gives me chance to take a leisurely stroll through the twisting lanes of Noobcakeville and see where I’ve come and from and where I might be going. The idea of the game is that you pick your “most” posts – happy, fun, dark, controversial and so forth. Then you choose 5 bloggers to tag and pass the game to them.

So here are my 7even!

Most Beautiful Post

Letter to baby George!

One of my more recent posts, this one was about my hopes and dreams for my sisters new born baby, George. After writing 2 previous heartfelt and emotional post about my Dad for Father’s Day and my Grandad, I thought it was apt that I continue that essence of truth and sincerity with this one. Not say I’m never sincere! This one flowed nicely and was easy to write because I didn’t need to think about it, the words just moved with ease.

Most Helpful Post

How to add an image widget to your side bar!

This came from when ClassyRose started the RandomBlog2011 tag group. A lot of bloggers were asking how they could add an image widget in their sidebar so I thought a good tutorial would be a jolly fine idea! The WP tutorials are good but sometimes they are set out with the assumption that WP bloggers know stuff they don’t. I had some good feedback from this post so it seemed to have helped people work through their widgetty problem!

A Post whose success surprised me

Story Bounce! Tell Your Story!

I wasn’t prepared for the sheer volume of comments on this one. I expected a few people to leave lacklustre comments but when it was featured on the Daily Post as a topic it really took off and had dozens of comments all moving the story forward. After a few months I collected every comment together to create a story in a post titled: Story Bounce – The Amulet of Boon. Proof that a great story can be created and enjoyed by many.

Most Controversial Post

Poppy Burning Scum!

This was something a lot of UK folk had very strong opinions over. Newspaper headlines were rife with images of people burning Poppies and protesting as armed forced marched through a village after returning home from a tour in dangerous territory. I don’t like to make comment or enter into a debate with strong emotions, they cloud judgement and make your argument sloppy. So I mused about this for a while before writing my thoughts.

A Post that Didn’t get the Attention I felt it deserved

Turkey, Tinsel & Narcoleptic Dog Legs.

One of my earliest posts and one of my favourite. This was written on Christmas Day 2009 after the dinner, after the clean up, after the family had dozed in front of the TV and gone for the traditional Christmas Day walk to the broads…a time for a deep sigh and the chance to reflect on the events of the day. I thought it was well written, funny and summed up the stress, fun, friendship and humour we share on Christmas Day. To be fair, it didn’t get a lot of visits because at the time I was only skimming the surface of the blogsphere and had yet to connect with any of you fine people.

Post I’m Most Proud Of

There are 2 here and I couldn’t choose which one to highlight.

My Grandad – a rare breed. AND Meet My Dad – The Chief!

I like to think I can bend my writing style to any occasion, I love writing fiction as well as blogging, and when blogging I write what inspires me, like so many others. But every so often I set aside the humour and curiousness that populates most of my posts and concentrate on writing something that means a great deal more to me, those people who have had a great impact on my life and without whom I wouldn’t be the well-balanced, happy chap I am today.

And now I shall tag 5 bloggers to carry on the game. A quick thanks to everyone who has commented, clicked, visited, chatted, talked, ranted and raved on my blog!

My 5ive Tagged Bloggers – in no specific order.

The Redneck Princess – She tells it like it is, wonderful humour and beautifully inappropriate!

Indigo Spider – Charming, thoughtful and has an exquisite way of weaving words.

Just Bren – Funny, down to earth and owner of a handsome dog, Titan.

Granny1947’s Blog – You’ll never tire of her thoughts on life or her amazing photos.

Joss Burnel – The Crowing Crone – Spiritual and enlightening blog where Joss walks in beauty.

9 thoughts on “I’ve been Tagged! – Blogger Tag & my 7 Links

  1. Hi Noob,

    I remember your post – Poppy Burning Scum!
    I think it was one of the fist posts I read on your blog and responsded too. We used to live near
    W Bassett and I still shed a tear when I watch another funeral taking place on TV. These people should be hung drawn and quartered for being so disrespectful. Bah humbug!


    1. Tis a shame folks have to protest like that, and even though we shouldn’t stoop to their level (tho God knows why!) it would be most interesting to visit a country with very strict laws and burn something the population hold in high regard.

  2. You have so many posts that I’ve enjoyed and I still have to wander through the archives to find the gems I missed (as I was late to the party). There are a couple you mentioned here that I have not read yet and will start with those as they sound so intriguing!

    Thank you kindly for tagging me! I’ll have to get cracking now… never heard of it until this post.

    1. Yay! It’s a great way to look back over your old works, and it’s weird to see how you evolve as a blogger, from the first tentative steps to finding your voice and your niche. I look forward to reading your list of top stuff!

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