Top 10 Bad Advice for Fiction Writing

I’m not an expert on fiction writing, heck, my dreams of seeing my book in bookshops are yet to be realised, but I have learned some interesting things whilst honing my craft and I would like to share them with you, dear blog reader.

There will always be those ready and willing to impart their knowledge, but not everyone will have the same unbiased view-point when spilling the goods. You may hear a very solid piece of advice but you should consider where that advice is coming from, not just the advice itself.

If someone tells you not to do something, chances are they’ve been burned by that very thing, but that doesn’t mean you will get caught in the same fire!

These bits of advice are wrong. Myths. Delusions weaved by disgruntled or unenlightened folk who have not yet had that lucky break. To anyone who tells you not to dream I say “kaphooew” or “bleeeergh” and insist your follow your dream with gusto and passion and all manner of positive energy! This is the latest addition to my Writing Tips section.

Click here to read My top Top 10 Bad Advice for Fiction Writing

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