Hoist the Birthday Flag!

Glittering cracker jacks shock the sky. Red silk banners. Rippling in reply. Hands raised on deck. Cheering. Celebrating. Champagne corks burst. Froth and sparkle. Music booms. Dancers sway. Happy faces. The Indigo Spider sets sail. Ahoy! This short story was inspired by Indigo Spider’s Sunday Picture Press – a challenge to write between 50 and [...]

Honesty Box

"Lies are the devils way of tormenting the soul." That's what my Gram used to say. "You keep spinning that web of lies and sooner or later it'll wrap itself around your spirit and bleed you raw until you cry from the pain." When I was a lad I thought it was just an old [...]


Footsteps The Goonies The stabbing pain behind my eyes pierced my brain like frozen spears. The painkillers were a joke. Take two every four hours. Do not exceed the dose. Blah blah blah. After three days my living room floor was a waste ground of crumpled boxes and cracked squares of white and silver popped [...]