Horse Art

On my travels around my local town of Newmarket I took some strange photos of horse statues. Various local artists have been painting these full sized horse statues which will go on display all around the town. They’re quite impressive if a little weird. You can click em to make em bigger.

Newmarket is famous for its horses though I’ve never taken much interest in them myself other than waiting patiently for them to cross the road, but I found these strange pieces of art intriguing. Newmarket is one of the few towns I’ve come across where there are 2 pavements (sidewalks for the American dudes!) one for us pedestrians and another for horses!

10 thoughts on “Horse Art

  1. I remember seeing this idea for the first time in Seattle, I think they used pigs though. I can’t remember, since I’ve seen other cities that used cows, horses, picks and other animals. It is strange the way some of them are painted but it is pretty amazing what each artists does with the blank canvas of an animal!

    I like the first horse, the gray with red koi fish, I’d put that in front of my coffee shop (that only exists in my dreams). I like the others too, but the first is my fav.

    1. I’m sure I read somewhere that lots of cities in the UK do this every now and then. It’s a strange and interesting way of brightening up the town, can’t wait to see them when they’re finished and in place.

  2. Strange and beautiful! We have some weird art like that downtown at our riverfront it’s in the arts district guess you couldn’t expect anything else!

    1. I was buying pencils in the art shop a few weeks ago and happened to peer through the door behind the desk into the store room and saw a baby elephant statue waiting to be wheeled out for the artist to start work on. That would be awesome, to see loads of elephants with artwork painted all over!

      1. That would be cool, I have never seen an elephant as art before! But you just have to appreciate beauty and art in all forms even on large mammals 🙂

  3. I love these. they are just gorgeous. The city of Toronto did this with Moose about 15 years ago and had them all around the city. After a period of time, local businesses were allowed to buy them and there are still some of them around. I think it’s a neat idea. But an even greater idea is two sidewalks = one for pedestrians and one for horses. love it!

    1. If we had the space, and if they were a reasonable price, I think I’d be tempted to buy a painted Moose statue! How cool would that look in the garden!

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