Newmarket Tesco – Speed Bump Idiocy!

Recently my local Tesco in Newmarket has added a speed bump to its car park. Okay, I admit that's not the most attention grabbing opening line, but bear with me, dear blog reader, the reason for my rant will come clear soon enough. Normally my opinion of this car wrecking Health & Safety Induced Hysteria [...]

Horse Art

On my travels around my local town of Newmarket I took some strange photos of horse statues. Various local artists have been painting these full sized horse statues which will go on display all around the town. They're quite impressive if a little weird. You can click em to make em bigger. Newmarket is famous [...]

Shadow of the day

Work has kept me a tad busy this week and I haven't had much time to write so I figured I'd enthrall you good readers with my favourite photo so far taken with my Nokia N8, what an amazing phone! I took this piccy a few evenings ago after an oddly hot day for April. [...]