Shadow of the day

Work has kept me a tad busy this week and I haven’t had much time to write so I figured I’d enthrall you good readers with my favourite photo so far taken with my Nokia N8, what an amazing phone!

I took this piccy a few evenings ago after an oddly hot day for April. I was stood at the bottom of Warren Hill in Newmarket, one of the many horse training tracks around the town.

Shadow of the day
Click to view in full glory!

On a different subject, Story Bounce has really taken off! I’m overwhelmed with the response and how visitors have collaborated on the story. Huge thanks to everyone who has taken part, and a hearty wave at Scott Berkun for highlighting my idea and bringing together a variety of bloggers to take part in Story Bounce

Story Bounce 2011 Challenge

The question on my mind now is what to do next? At some point I’d like to wrap it up and bring all the comments together to create a seamless story, with acknowledgements to all who added their slice of creativity to the story. I’ll let Story Bounce run for some time before I do that. After that…I’m not sure, start another one? Come up with a different idea or way of bringing people together around the story telling fire?

I shall ponder these questions, if you have any thoughts do let me know.

5 thoughts on “Shadow of the day

  1. Wow, that is impressive for a phone camera! Nice shot.

    No surprise Story Bounce has taken off, good ideas usually do 🙂

  2. Joss, Indigo, thanks for the comments! With my enthusiasm for photography re-invigorated I’m looking around for a proper camera now, woop!

    Story Bounce has really been a major surprise, I wanted to add more last night but I was so tired I almost fell asleep in front of the screen!

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