Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

There’s a spot just outside our village called Devil’s Dyke where folks go to walk their dogs. For years I’ve planned to take a series of photo’s throughout the seasons and have them printed to hang on the wall. Today I decided to take a test photo and figured it fit the Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines post quite well.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

The view is unhindered by anything man-made. It’s one of the few places around the village where the view isn’t ruined by telegraph poles or electricity pylons. In the summer this field is a vast sea of wheat so hopefully it should be a good spot to get great contrast between the green/golden colour of wheat set against a dazzling blue sky, when the clouds aren’t quite so busy of course! The field crests in an almost perfectly straight line on the horizon and I’ve tried to get the rule of thirds right with the green, the clouds and the sky.

I’m not sure I like the photo that much now I’ve taken in, the quality isn’t as good as I’d hoped so I’ll have to make a few more trips to get a better shot.

Hunting around for photos that sum up the subject of Lines I found this one of a staircase in a Catholic school where a friend of mine works. It’s a bit nerve-wracking holding my phone out over the drop like that but the shot is pretty cool and well worth it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: LinesWhilst I’m putting these photos up I thought I’d show you a few pics of our lovely, cuddly, insane & beautiful dogs!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

  1. Awww, I love the doggies 🙂 Obviously well loved!

    I love the staircase photo and I still can’t believe your phone takes such great shots!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the series of the seasons unfolding on that field, that will look great up on the wall grouped together. Gave me an idea for a giant blank wall I have!

  2. Your phone takes great pics! Cute doggies. I just have to say for someone with acrophobia the staircase pictures is beautiful and terrifying!

  3. I love that staircase pic but I don’t think I could take it. I’m scared of heights! :O And of course, you know I’d love the furbaby pics! They rock! Great pics!

  4. Weird. My PC just had this crazy lag, Twitter, Firefox, everything just stopped working for 10mins. Scary! LOL.

    I love this theme but I wish I could reply to people individually, seems a but rude to group everyone up in one reply!

    Indigo – Yeah, our doggies have a good life, the training has been a bit lax just recently, oops! I’m still lovin my Nokia N8, amazing phone!

    April – I don’t have phobias myself, well, maybe ones involving wasps and my ear, but I have to say I felt a sense of fear when I took the stair case shot. It was a rushed effort, I think if I hung over the rail a bit longer I would have dropped the phone!

    Brenda – Yay! Furbaby’s are ace!! Loved your pic of Titan all sprawled out on the bed!

  5. Computers do often have minds of their own! You’re lucky you don’t have phobias I have too many!! My son last week decided to jump on the roof so I had to jump out there as well but in a situation like that it seems phobias are put to the side.

    1. I took a similar photo with a friends camera last year, but she didn’t know about it at the time. Later when she found it on her memory card she had it blown up and put in a frame!

    1. Marina! Thanks so much for pointing that out! It works now! Yay! I was so sure I could have nested comments but I just assumed that when I switched themes it didn’t have that feature!

      Loved your bridge photo!

  6. I can understand the point you are trying to get across re the natural lines in the ploughed field as the crops begin to grow It’s such a difficult shot to capture unless taken from above. There is such a great feeling of space though..,

    Staircase def looks scary!

    1. When I was younger I used to take so many photos and got into photography quite a lot, but when I was burgled and had all my equipment stolen I never replaced it. So now I’m starting to enjoy taking snaps wherever I can, though I often forget and later wish I’d taken a photo.

      Granny takes a such gorgeous photos!

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