The “Blogitzer”

Noobcake has been nominated for a “Blogitzer” at the

Bloggers Choice Awards!

Bloggers Choice Awards 2011The nomination comes from April Denton over at My Mission: The Prose of an Aspirant Author! What a huge surprise to come home to! So a big cheer goes out to April for this kind gesture!

April’s blog is well worth a visit as it has some inspiring poetry and articles that are quite absorbing and well written. She’s quite a prolific blogger and adds plenty of content every day.

After the unexpected success of Story Bounce (that has left a permanent smile on my face) I’m amazed to find this new event in my blogging life! A sincere thanks to April for nominating my blog! I found a nifty looking badge on their website which I’m now proudly sporting on my side bar.

I’ve checked out The Bloggers Choice Awards website. You can log in and nominate a blog for an award from various categories. Looks pretty cool, not to mention exciting! I’ll be nominating other bloggers for awards myself as I’ve found the calibre of bloggers I’ve met to be higher than I expected, and well worth you taking the time to click & vote for your favourite blog.

One person in particular I’ll be nominating is ClassyRose at What’s Bugging me Today. For those of you who know her or the RandomBlog2011 Challenge, she has been instrumental in bringing plenty of bloggers together. If it wasn’t for Rose I doubt if I would have met all you fine bloggy folks!

ClassyRose has been strangely absent for a few weeks now. Hope she’s doing ok.

Bloggers Choice AwardsHere’s to blogging and all the fun and mirth that it brings us!!

16 thoughts on “The “Blogitzer”

  1. I know I keep saying it but I really am doing an awful lot of smiling this week, my cheeks are starting to hurt!

    Thanks folks! Really appreciate it! Who would have thought blogging would be so much fun!

  2. Congrats Noob…glad to see your blog is getting the recognition it deserves!!
    I don’t know what has happened to Rose, I email her a couple of times a week and have not had a reply since she disappeared. We used to correspond daily….so seems strange. Hope she is back soon 😦

    I loved the story bounce so I added your link to the daily post asking for theme suggestions; asked people to support it andscott B joined in. Thank gooness it then received the recognition it deserved!! I am so pleased for you… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    PiP pip Hooray!

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