What I’ve Learned Today #1

Welcome to my first article of What I’ve Learned Today.

I figure that unless you have a brain made from an old potato you’re most likely to learn something new every day even though you may not be aware of it. For some learning is a life long goal, for others it’s a painful ritual similar to banging the square peg into the round hole with their eyeballs.

Since making an effort to read more blogs and post more stuff I’ve learned lots of shiny new things where I haven’t had to stick my nose in a book for a few hours. In order to prevent my brain from melting in the heat of all this sudden new information wooshing around my skull it seems like a good plan to write some of it down.

That way I can assimilate the words coming out of my fingers. If I smile when learning new things it’s a sign the slivers of knowledge are lodged in my brain and I’m happy.

Learning new stuff is fun fun fun. No, seriously. It is. Look.

Tweet your brains out!

ClassyRose over at What’s Bugging Me Today has been experimenting with Twitter and posting some interesting stuff about tweeting, twittering, tweeters and other chirpy sounds. There are some interesting comments and good links where you can learn what it’s all about.

I used Twitter about a year ago but never really gelled with it. I couldn’t see the point  since I was already on the book of faces which is basically the same thing, right? Apparently not, so I’ve read. My interested in Twitter was once again poked with a pointy stick so I got myself a Twitter account and downloaded Tweetdeck. The one thing I didn’t like with Twitter was the endless loading of webpages, one after the other loading away just to read a snippet of information. Gah.

Tweetdeck is ace! It’s a teeny program you download and it’s simple pimple to get into. I’ve had mine running in the background and when a new Tweet comes in you get a nice chime and a box appears on the screen with the Twitters Tweet in it! Super! It’s a real neat treat to meet & greet with a tweet! So I’m happy I learned the basics of Tweeting and what Tweetdeck can do. One new thing learned, one smile.


Kristen Lamb's Blog
Hooking the Reader and Never Letting Go.

There’s a great link posted in a comment on What’s Bugging Me Today to a blog by Kirsten Lamb who has some great information on writing, authors tactics and writing for social media. I read her article on how to hook the reader with conflict.

She puts her point across very well, with humour and experience. As a fiction writer I’m my own worst critic and yet reading this post I felt a different sense of achievement because I found I could tick the good boxes on the points she discusses. I strive to create good characters and my dad always taught me the key to a keep a reader gripped is through conflict. Conflict all the way, but like he and Kirsten Lamb point out, conflict means nowt to the reader unless they can see what the goal is, just a glimpse is enough.

I’ve read several other of her articles and each one taught me something I didn’t know. I liked her blog enough to follow her on Twitter and look forward to more. Smile two!


Cat in a dog suit.
Kitteh in a doggeh.
Dogs are cats in a dog suit.

I had a cat once, many years ago, but he died from being extremely old, poor fella. They’re fascinating animals but slightly too aloof for their own good. Dogs however are like furry four-legged people. We’ve got 2 dogs now, Ben (or BenBen, Benjy, Benjamina, Ben10 etc) who is a 2 years old Boxer, Border Terrier cross, and Tilly (or SillyTilly, Tilly Two Toes (no idea where that one came from), TillyWilly) who is an 8 month old Retriever Border Collie cross. See their pic below then go “Awwwww.”

The reason I mention their ages and mixes is because whilst they’re very different in looks they’re both very similar in nature – nuts. I know dogs like to dig, sniff, chase stuff, eat bones, poo behind doors and fight with each other for attention, but I never thought I’d see a dog chase a fly around the room or a spider across the floor then eat it! The other day Tilly sat out in the garden watching a beetle journey across the patio. She was totally engrossed and gave it a nudge with her paw every so often as if to hurry it along a bit.

A few nights ago Tilly brought in a half eaten snail and plopped it on the kitchen floor. She sat there wagging her tail and looking very pleased with herself. “Look what I found! Isn’t it amazing! I just had to bring it in to share it with you!” She didn’t look pleased when I scooped it up and put it in the bin. I thought it was just cats that did all that stuff. Did you see that scene in Men in Black where the guys face opens up and there’s a little green alien sat in a control room inside his head? Well I reckon inside dogs heads is a tiny little cat sat behind a steering wheel with a bottle of milk in its hand.

So learning that dogs also bring in weird half dead creatures like cats has given me a third smile!

Ben & Tilly taking a nap.
Ben & Tilly - awwww.
And there it is. Those are the 3 main things I’ve learned today. Three new things, three new smiles!

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned Today #1

  1. Hi Noobcake, I’m glad I was able to help in giving you one of the smiles today. 🙂

    And yes I did go “Awwww” at the picture. They are so cute sleeping together.

    Thanks for the shout-out. 😎

  2. This is really fascinating, I have tweetdeck already. I am glad we can learn from you and from Classyrose. I always look forward to her comments too. I admire her for what she can accomplish in one day. Now it looks like I will come to your blog daily for feeding of new information. Keep up the great work and links. Jackie

  3. Hi Jackie! I’m amazed at what Rose is able to do in one day! She is a font of knowledge and where she doesn’t know something she certainly makes sure she finds out!

    Tweetdeck is pretty decent, I’m still getting the hang of and messing with the settings but it beats trawling back and forth through the web version!

  4. I will check out Tweetdeck. I’d never heard of it. I use Twidroid on my Droid but I got tired of hearing it tweeting all the time and turned it off. That was weeks ago and I am ashamed to say I haven’t missed it once, but I am willing to give it another try.

  5. Actually now you mention it, after a few hours I dide tire of hearing the bing noise when Tweetdeck picked up a new tweet. I don’t have an Android phone, though I should do in a few weeks time, and I wonder how easy/hard Tweeting is from a mobile these days.

  6. I have used Tweetdeck but not recently. I found myself spending way too much time reading what others were doing. I just like to jump on and add my RT or two and see what is there at the moment – then I go read it … after a few I click out. If I am looking for something specific, I will use the search. Maybe if I revamp my tweetdeck to only a few interests instead of the zillion I listed.
    Debbie 🙂

  7. Hi Debbie, thanks for the reply. I had the same problem! After a few hours of playing with it I had so many tweets popping up, and got so absorbed reading them that I just zoned out of what I was supposed to be doing. To save my vision I closed down a lot of searches and organised it to a more simplistic view.

    I’m still playing with it and after my initial “woop woop” reaction I’m undecided on whether it’s really cool or just a bit too much.

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