Weekly Photo Challenge Shadow

I used to be an avid photographer but after a burglary years ago I never got around to replacing any of my equipment. So now I rely on my camera phone, currently a mediocre Samsung POS to take snaps of my daily life. ClassyRose over at What’s Bugging Me Today is giving a shout out for people to place their votes at INSIGHT for their favourite photos from the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

I’ve been following the weekly challenge and until today haven’t thought of posting anything as my camera phone takes fairly poor images at the best of times. However, I was sat in Vision Express a few weeks ago waiting for an eye test and found the waiting room extremely bright. The image below was taken in their waiting room, a windowless space under the main shop. The lights were incredibly bright and I wondered if they were trying to torture people with vision problems!

I didn’t use a flash as there wasn’t much point, and didn’t adjust any settings on the camera menus or do any post enhancing It’s a weird photo (weird room too) because there were very few shadows! Everything was bathed in horrible stark white light.

The waiting room had a very minimalist science fictiony feel to it. The strangest thing about it wasn’t so much the artificial brightness but a Vision Express employee who wandered around cleaning everything. I waited about 30 minutes and this chap cleaned the coffee machine several times, swept the floors, dusted, polished, sprayed cleaner and mopped it up then buffed. Talk about thorough! And it didn’t look dirty to begin with.

So there it is, my first post for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

A room without shadows for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows.


Ryan at INSIGHT is currently running 2 polls for previous Weekly Photo Challenges:

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Click your way over there and check out the entries for yourself. Don’t forget to vote!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Shadow

  1. I can understand needing light in a windowless room but I think they’ve taken it to the extreme. Whoever did their decorating needs to get their eyes examined! 🙂

    Weird photo but a nice shot! 🙂

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