10 Things I hate about other drivers.

Other drivers suck!

I got my driving license late in life even though I had driven a considerable amount throughout my life, driving with friends and family for the most part. I think of myself as a good driver, strangely I haven’t instantly forgotten everything I was taught like the moment I left school. I know the rules and laws of driving pretty well, probably because it’s still fresh in my mind. So after driving solo for the last 7 months I’ve come to find there are few drivers who actually adhere to the same rules as me. As such I have compiled a list of 10 pet peeves of other drivers, inspired by ClassyRose’s own pet peeves list My 5 of the 20 Most Annoying Things at the Grocery Store.

10 ) Slow Drivers!

I’m not a speed freak but I was taught that if a sign tells me I can go 40mph it means I can travel at that speed where road and conditions allow. So where these conditions are evident why do some people travel unbelievably slow? We’re talking 20mph in a 40mph limit or getting stuck behind some fool doing 30 or 40mph in a 60 zone! I’m sure these drivers simply aren’t paying attention, or on their phones yakking away!

9 ) People On Phones!

No! This is actually illegal in the UK! But still I see drivers trying to change gear and steer whilst cradling a phone against their skulls! When my phone rings and I’m behind the wheel I let it go to ansa phone. I’m not willing to cause an accident just because someone wants to say “hi” or ask me what I’m up to. I’m happy to continue on to where I can stop and then use the phone. At traffic lights I glance over and see some idiot laughing into their phone – total morons!

8 ) Dogs Wandering About.

When we take the dogs in the car they have these cool doggy seatbelts on. They can sit and stand and turn around but that’s it. They don’t hop into the front seat for a better view. They don’t crawl into my lap for a fuss. They don’t stick their head out of the window so it can be bashed off by a passing car. If I can do this stuff then why do so many people let their dogs walk around in their car like it’s a mobile living room? I do find it amusing to see a dog with its head out of the window, ears flapping in the breeze, big grin on its face, it’s funny in a cartoon way. But I wince when I see it duck back inside when another car wooshes past. One day those owners are going to hear a very short howl then look down at the bloody wet mess of fur and bone on the passenger seat that used to be their dog.

7 ) Old People!

When everyone reaches a certain age, let’s say 65, they should be forced by law to retake their driving test, theory and practical. There’s no way you can have the same reflexes and ability at 65 that you had at 17. In the mornings I see these doddery old codgers mooching about the supermarket car park trying to park their cars. The other day I watched an old man shuffling back and forth as he desperately tried to park his shiny PensionerMobile before his shrieking wife screams so loud to shatter the windows! Old drivers seem to float about with this idea that just because they have held a drivers license for 100 years it makes them the font of all driving knowledge! No! It does not! Go take a mock driving test and then we’ll see how your so-called experience holds up to todays standards, I dare you!

6 ) People Who Indicate to Go Around a Bend!

A road is straight even if it has twists and turns in it. Time after time I see drivers use their indicators when they go around a bend. Where the hell do they think they are going? Are they being kind and letting me know the obvious bend in the road is coming up? Hmm, I don’t think so. Sadly these drivers are from the category above – old and lacking. I suspected back in the pre or post war era driving instructors told their students to always indicate when they are turning. So I asked my driving instructor this puzzling question and he confirmed it! The much older generation were indeed taught that when you go around a bend you should indicate! Insane! You are on the same road!!!

5 ) Glue Drivers!

I hate these most of all. These are the idiots who like to keep their car as close to yours as possible. Sometimes they get so close I can’t see their bumper (fender for you loveable Yankees!) or license plate! I just don’t understand why they do it? We’re both moving at the same speed regardless of your distance from me. I only have to tap the brakes and the car behind me will be occupying the same space as me, something I seriously don’t want to experience. I want a neon sign in the rear window where I can press a button to make it light up and say: You in the car behind me! Back off dickhead!

4 ) Impatient Drivers!

So I’m driving in a 30mph zone, village or built up area. I stick to the speed limit and everything is ok. At the end of the zone the sign says National Speed Limit Applies which means on a minor road I can move up to 60mph where road and conditions allow. This may take 30 seconds, maybe more maybe less. However because the impatient Glue Driver behind me decides I haven’t accelerated fast enough they hoik down a gear and rush past me. Now because I’m accelerating I realise that in order to prevent a crash I have to slow down to allow this prat to get by me before they hit oncoming traffic. The funny thing is that given the way UK rural roads are made I will actually catch them up in a mile or so when they have to stop at a junction! All that effort, wasted fuel and anger for nothing. I shake my head and sigh!

3 ) Boy Racers!

I realise that term may be sexist but I have yet to see a 17-year-old girl driving a rather pathetic 10-year-old car like a rally driver. Girls tend to have more common sense. Plus they don’t usually have 3 other morons in the car with them laughing and turning up the phat beats! These boys are worse than old people for driving dangerously. They are over-confident, rude, arrogant and incredibly immature. I believe these types of drivers are the ones that spend so much time and money on their precious junk heaps because they haven’t met a girl and bumped uglies. They haven’t even got facial hair and still have teenage spots!! Last week I was heading into town. It’s a 2 lane road that splits into 3, the centre road is a slip road for the car park and only those travelling on the left can use it. So many times I’ve seen wild-eyed laughing boys shooting down that road coming out of the town, only to nip back into their own proper lane at the last moment! Yeah dude! Did you see that shit?! I just overtook 3 cars back there using the car park lane! Who’s da daddy!! Oh purlease, grow up you infantile moron! I think people shouldn’t be allowed to drive until at least the age of 21. That way hormones should no longer be ruling their brains. Much.

2 )Drink Drivers

This should probably be number 1 but it’s not and for good reason. I think fewer people drink and drive than people who don’t indicate. Therefore I reckon the chances of drink drivers causing accidents is likely to be less than morons who don’t understand what left and right is for. However, I really can’t stand these halfwits who have a drink at their local boozer, just the one mate, yeah I’m driving ain’t I? and then drive home safe in the knowledge that by only having one drink they are perfectly in control and everything is fine. No it really isn’t. The only way to be safe is not to drink at all if you plan on maneuvering a mobile killing machine on roads where people are. Drink drivers are selfish bastards. If it was up to me the punishment would be imprisonment for a long LONG time, and their license would be revoked for the rest of their lives. You want to drive a car? That’s the rule. Don’t like it? Tough. Here’s a bottle of vodka, there’s a bus stop over the road, it will be along in 2 and half hours.

1 ) Drivers Who Don’t Indicate!

My top pet peeve of other drivers! I indicate every time I change direction, be that turning into a road, backing up, parking, going around a traffic island – anything that means I am deviating from my current path along the road. It’s safe and courteous to other drivers and I know I am making it very obvious what my intentions are. So why don’t other drivers do it? I’m not talking about the odd one or two that forget, oops, I should have indicated back there. I mean every day I see scores of cars in town and at junctions, and going around traffic islands and they never indicate, they just cruise merrily by whilst I wait to see what the hell they are planning to do.

It’s not just the old or the stupid or young either. It’s as if the majority of people just forget there are these sticks by the steering wheel that they’re supposed to use all the time to let people know what they’re doing! It’s not hard is it? Flip a stick up or down to let those around you know that you are intending to turn right so it’s okay for me to pull out and go left. With onboard computers in new cars I think that if the driver makes a turn without indicating the car should shut itself down and give the driver a bloody good talking to before it will start the engine again. Or, even better, the car should shut down and fine the driver! Yeah! Every time the driver doesn’t indicate a £50 fine is made and taken straight from their bank account!

All of the above have been weighed, measured and have been found wanting!

9 thoughts on “10 Things I hate about other drivers.

  1. Hi Noobcake, you had me laughing on #6, people signalling going around a bend. Can’t believe that people do that.

    #1 people who don’t signal at all when they should be is bang on!!

    They irritate the heck out of me especially when they’re on the highway and don’t bother checking their blind spots.

    Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

  2. I long for the day where computers do it all for you and you just sit back and enjoy the view. It takes away the freedom of driving but it surely must reduce accidents!

  3. loved this post. here in Atlanta, GA, road rage is a real problem, with all single-occupancy vehicles (no carpools or good mass transit).
    i. too, hate to see people talks on the phone or text while behind the wheel. makes me crazy!
    when someone is riding my ass, i often slow down and then brake. a lot.
    unsecured dogs? try living in the southern USA, where redneck idiots drive on interstates with their dog(s) in the back of the pickup truck.

  4. Hey Jules! Thanks for the comment. Where I used to work they had an excellent car pool service, being a government department they had to be seen to show how eco-friendly they were, but it did work really well and saved people considerable money too.

  5. Noobcake, this was an awesome post! I was LOLing the whole time reading it (and nodding my head). And I totally share your number 1 pet peeve. That irks me something awful.

    I hope you don’t mind me linking to your post on my blog (trafficfrustrationblog.com). Just too appro pos not to.

    Thanks for the laughs! — N. Jenkins

  6. Taking up 2 car park space’s. Dick’s on the wrong side of the road. People who knock off your mirrors and don’t bother to stop. Morons who don’t know how wide, long their vehicle is.

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