World of Warcraft Monopoly!

Monopoly - World of Warcraft Edition!As I enjoyed making the Monopoly Zombie Edition board so much I decided to make a World of Warcraft Monopoly Edition board.

This one was a bit more tricky than the Zombie version as I needed to rob a lot of different graphics from many websites. The hardest part  (or most time-consuming) was creating the overlay (the dark borders with the coil crests) and the parchment backing. Some bits I have yet to gel together properly but it looks okay for the time being.

EDIT 22nd June, 2012: I’ve just posted a new version of my World of Warcraft Monopoly board, click here to check it out.

Original Vanilla WoW.

I decided to keep the board to the original Warcraft game without venturing into any of the expansions, so there’s plenty of scope left to create Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm Monopoly boards. The graphics I found on WoWPedia were very useful as there are numerous .PNG files that I used that I didn’t need to edit out the backgrounds.

I tried to keep the streets in order of player/zone level eg 10-20, 20-30 etc, although now and then I strayed from this in order to use a good image. It’s hard to find images that look good when scaled down. Also I didn’t want to just use screenshots from the game and used original artwork wherever I could. The artwork itself ranges from the WoW Trading Card Game to original WoW art and also fan art.

Key WoW aspects.

I’m particularly happy with the Spirit Healer used on the Free Parking place. The stations are dungeons and I also liked the Barber Shop/Postal Service ideas for the utilities, although strictly speaking the barber shop feature didn’t appear in the game until Wrath of the Lich King, but hey, it’s my board, my rules!

The fonts I used where Morpheus for the main text around the board and LifeCraft font for the GO, both are freely available on the net, just Google them. Due to the amount of colour on this board I decided to use a white colour for the fonts to make them stand out, works quite nicely too.

All the images I used were freely available online. They were reduced in size, cut, pasted, enhanced etc. I’ve kept Community Chest and Chance but changed the images to ones easily recognizable by WoW fans. I’ve posted the entire board for you to take a look at.

Below you will see the complete board. Click it to view the hi-res version – it’s a big image and large file size too, but it looks sooo good!

Monopoly - World of Warcraft Edition!

I gave some thought to the houses/hotels as I was making the board. I thought it would be cool to have a standard Alliance house or Horde Hovel as houses and then either a Stormwind Keep or Orgrimmar gateway as hotels. Playing pieces would be cool to design too, plenty of ideas for those – swords/shields, race players, class icons like the ones on the Visit Trainer place.

Not sure I’ll rush into another World of Warcraft board just yet. I’ll try a different genre next, was thinking perhaps a Terry Pratchett board or perhaps even a Call of Duty one. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out, it has been a labour of love and no mistake!

27 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Monopoly!

  1. This is such a cool design that I had it blown up and made into a game board! I created (very amatuer) property cards and money to go with the game and ordered mini WOW figurines for game pieces. My boys, who are WOW players, will love this! I’d be happy to share the Excel files I used for my additions, just let me know. Thanks so much for your hard work here.

  2. Thank you very much for your reply! I haven’t been able to print it out yet myself so I wondered if anyone would and if it looked okay. I hoped the resolution and large scale of the size would be good enough to avoid too much blurryness.

    Regarding you making property cards and money, I might be able to help enhance your experience, though not directly. I submitted my design to deviantART and a fellow WoW enthusiast has designed some amazing WoW money and property cards. – for the money, looks really amazing. – for the Chance cards (Horde design) – for the Community Chest cards (Alliance design)

    They’re big resolutions too so should look pretty good printed out. If the links don’t work please let me know.

    Glad you enjoyed it anyway! I’m really happy knowing someone has actually used the board to play with!

  3. Ah, now I see the full picture. Absolutely brilliant. I would like to be kept informed of any further projects. How about expanding the Zombies theme to include deeds, cards, money?
    Thanks once again,

  4. Ian, I am tempted to continue the Zombie theme since I’ve really enjoyed the Warcraft theme, so I reckon that is my next project! Thank you for your kind comment!

  5. Sadly no it isn’t for sale. I’m looking at getting a toy agent to take it on so maybe one day you may find it in the shops.

  6. Hey, name’s Tony but you already know me as Jest84 apparently lol…I gotta say, great Monopoly board! Totally blew mine out of the water! I’ve been kicking around the idea of a Cata board…just been too lazy!

    Anyways, your board and extras (money, cards) are excellent! I may use yours instead of mine to print out and play lol

  7. Thanks Tony! Thought I recognised you! I have to say that after making the Warcraft Monopoly board I was further inspired to make the deeds sets and the money, though I think your money set has a more classic clean look than mine. I struggled to make something different to yours, especially since you really had captured what I imagined Warcraft paper money would look like!

    I was thinking of doing a BC, Wratch and Cata board but like you say the lazy factor is quite high!

  8. Wow, awesome board. I downloaded the board and CC/Chance cards and am really looking forward to getting it all printed up… any chance we might see property cards from you in the future?

    1. Gosh! Thanks! I’m tempted to do another one, update it a little with zones and stuff that cover the expansions. I like some elements of the official one but it looks a bit bland, kinda rushed almost. Thanks for your comment!

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