Head Shot – Silent. Deadly. Done.


  Picture the scene: you’ve climbed the frozen ladder to the roof and wedged a claymore by the top rung in case anyone tries to sneak up behind you. Beside the roof vent you go prone, stretching out on a carpet of snow, but that’s ok as you are dressed in arctic gear.   

 You inch forward until you have a decent field of vision then bring up your M21 EBR and settle down to wait. You survey the scene – frozen rivers, dark warehouses on the other side of a train wreck. Beyond a tree line are loading areas, more warehouses. Plenty of places to for the enemy to hide, plenty of heads to aim for.    

Your team are making their way across the snowy wastes, seeking out enemy locations and eager to secure the first warehouse. There is gunfire in the distance to the east, you can’t see the fight but smile when one of your team reports back: Tango Down. You look through the scope on your rifle and spot shadows moving up the stairs.  There is a flash of light as a frag grenade explodes. Two of your team are killed in the attack and you’re surprised to feel a mixture of anger and helplessness rise inside you.     

Windows are smashed, glass showering the snow on the ground outside. You wait. No point rushing and shooting at shadows. The enemy will settle down, their confidence will be your first weapon. You spend more time looking down your sights now, less interested in the rest of the world and intent on enemy silhouettes at the windows.     

But the sound of snow crunching underfoot forces you to look around, ready to pull out your pistol. You breathe a sigh of relief as a teammate crawls past you. They leap across to the adjoining building, a closed supermarket. Back through the scope you take a moment to focus and spot a shadowy figure pause at the window of the warehouse. You take a deep breath, steady yourself. But the figure moves away. No point giving in to anger. Stay calm.     

There is a high wind whistling through the trees, it carries the sound of battle from the east, beyond the trees. You force yourself to stay in position, at least for the moment. Eventually your patience is rewarded. The shape of the enemy is outlined in the window.     

This is it.     

You take a deep breath.     

Your finger eases on the trigger.     

The figure inches slightly, as if wary, but remains in place.     

You squeeze once.     

The round leaves the silenced rifle with a thupp and finds its target.     

The enemy is hit in the throat and goes down instantly. You feel a rush of adrenaline surge through your chest and head. You remove your eye from the scope and instantly spot another target on the exterior walkway, first floor of the warehouse. He is right outside the room with your now dead target.     

You react quickly. Eye to the scope. Swing it left a fraction. The enemy is looking at you. Down his own scope. You’ve been spotted. Time is against you. You train the cross hair on his head, hold your breath and squeeze the trigger. A splash of red bursts from the rear of his head as his body is thrown backwards down the steps of the walkway.     

You breath a sigh of relief. Revenge is awesome. You sense something is wrong and turn around too late. On the roof top of the supermarket your teammate is dead.  An enemy sniper fires at you. Bullets ricochet off the roof vent and you jerk as they hit you. You manage to pull out your pistol and let rip a few rounds. The man is dead. Your breathe is ragged and forced. It was a killing shot. Just as blood clouds your vision you spot three of your team securing the warehouse and you smile.     

Everything goes dark.     

You have died.     

Seconds later you are back.  Respawned. The battle continues.     

– – That’s one way to get an adrenaline rush without leaving your sofa, taking drugs, alcohol or doing anything risky or illegal. There’s a real sense of pride when you take out an enemy player like that. Yes it’s a game, and not real, and thank Jebus that’s the truth! I wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone had that kind of power.     

As game play goes, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is pretty easy to get into, it’s fast and furious or slow and sneaky, as you like it. There are great people to chat too, and those annoying 13 year old boys who talk way too much, never say anything intelligent and annoy the hell out of everyone, and yet the game would not be the same without em!    

Everyone plays for their own reasons, glory, prestige, peer pressure, good old-fashioned violence etc.As for me, I love racing across the open ground, finding a hidey hole and pulling the scope to my eye. Track the target, wait, wait, hold breath, squeeze and watch em drop like a sack of spuds. Virtual murder, assassination without consequence…it’s the future you know! So smile because someone is watching you through their scope right now…    

I have yet to find a game one that is quite as satisfying as taking out an enemy player, from 1000 yards away in the freezing cold. Head shot. Silent. Deadly. Done.     

– tango down –

2 thoughts on “Head Shot – Silent. Deadly. Done.

  1. Ha ha, you are the bane of my MW2 existence! As you say though; each to their own. Well written account my friend. I’ll be sticking a semtex to you next time I see you lying prone 😉

  2. Exactly the reason why I love to go sniper now and then. Lay in wait for that one person who seems to have it in for me, superbly satisfying head shots rule!

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