Adventures in Tyria

I've neglected my blog of late, for which I cry your pardon dear blog reader. My absence must be blamed purely on the majesty and wonder of Tyria - a fantastic, dangerous and exciting place that has captured my imagination. Not against its will, you understand, for that would be absurd. I wanted to explore [...]

RIFT: A New Adventure

If you need a break from reality and TV, movies, music or books aren't doing it for you, I suggest you take a trip to Telara and enter the world of Rift. This game is amazing. It is visually stunning, highly polished and brimming with more fantasy stuff than you can shake a magic wand [...]

WoWcraft: Druid Powa!

World of Warcraft apathy had overcome me back in January. After a couple of years immersed in the vibrant virtual world I'd taken a short break and tried to go Horde, but it just didn't feel right. I gave up. Tried AION which was nice but lacked something. So I played PS3 instead, high quality [...]